Episode 10 - 7 Team League, You're Having A Laugh

January 29, 2017

Episode 10 – 7 Team League, You’re Having A Laugh

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It’s January, and it’s a new year!

Join Marty, Dave, John and Aaron (yes, he’s back!) as we discuss all things in recent EPIHL news as teams fall foul of other owners and some even look to be on really thin ice whilst others seem to be abandoning ship for other leagues…

The guys also chat about All Star Games across the NHL as well as the KHL, and that perhaps the British game could learn some lessons and revel as Dave shows he hasn’t quite read all of his stories before bringing them to the table!

We also chat at length about the recent incident in Fife (prior to the DoPS ruling) and how this could make for changes across the league.


As always, keep us in mind for anything you want us to chat about on future episodes, and you could get your read out!