Episode 53 - Cech Yo-self

October 11, 2019

Episode 53 – Cech Yo-self

The lads return for another episode, this week they discuss the world of Soccer, acting professional as “official” media, rage rooms, man shots and history making players as well as our favourite segment Aaron’s ABCs of Hockey. Plus all the usual features you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey podcast.

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Cech It Out!

News broke this week that Guildford’s NIHL side the Phoenix had made a new signing for a backup netminder. Not normally a big deal, but when it’s a former Chelsea and Liverpool goalie, you better believe it’s news!


Warriors Longstaff puts Family First

Whitley Warriors player coach David Longstaff missed his side’s game this weekend to spend some time with family…as both his sons hit the pitch together for Newcastle United for the first time!


2019 Friendship Four Officially Launches

This year’s tournament was officially lunched in Belfast this weekend, as first timers’ Princeton and The University of New Hampshire will tangle with returnees’ Colgate and Northeastern Universities for the prestigious Belpot Trophy this November. This was accompanied with the announcement of the second annual Friendship Series which will see Merrimack College and  Quinnipiac University compete in early January 2020.

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IIHF Rule Update

The International Ice Hockey Federation have this week moved to update on certain rules as well as announcing new member states.


Philly Help Get The Rage Out

The Flyers will introduce a new ‘Rage Room‘ for fans at the Fargo Centre. If only they’d let you beat Gritty……


High Stick or Good Goal? We Can’t Decide…

Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk scored off this goal….but should it have stood? Toronto clearly said yes. We say…..we dunno….

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Dougie Hamilton – Man Checker!

Following his 1st Star appearance for the Canes this weekend, Dougie Hamilton appears to ‘man-check‘ an office ice assistant!

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#DougieHamilton with the cup check 😂😂

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Jon Lee-Olsen; Stick Tap

Jon Lee-Olsen comes out as potentially the first openly gay professional hockey player. This is fantastic news and we hope for a day that we no longer need to consider this news. Good luck Jon!


World Cup of Hockey – Do We Care?

The NHL have announced that the WCH may well return in 2022 AND that the Summer Series could find its way into KHL arenas!



That’s right. This week John and Dave had the amazing opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Belfast Giants’ CHL game vs. Lulea HF.

Not only were they invited to see the game from the media box, they were also granted access to the Coaches’ postgame press conference – which you can listen to below – but also grab some face time with a few players, which you can hear in this week’s podcast!

It was something we absolutely loved, and something we hope to build on in the future to enable us to bring you more and new content!

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It’s that time in the show where we want to share a player, a goal or a game that we thought was outstanding this week and you get to vote!


Marty squeezed the victory last time around, making it a three-way tie at the top between The Fans, Dave and him with 1 point each. That leaves Aaron and John still to get that elusive first marker….Check out this week’s nominations and remember to vote via Twitter!

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1 win

Liam Reddox – After winning with the other Liam last time, Marty hits up Mr Reddox this pod, for the sheer effort he’s been displaying, as well as that brace of goals against Lulea this last week.

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1 win

Dave takes a DQ this pod as an (un)healthy scratch.

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0 wins

Bobby Franham – He’s said it before and he’ll say it again: “Bobby Farnham is his spirit animal”. The man hits anything that moves that’s wearing a different coloured jersey than he is, and he’s everywhere on the ice, we’re nearly sure he’s omnipotent….

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0 wins

Shane Owen – The Belfast netminder has been on top form (regardless of what you may read on Twitter!) and Aaron rewards him with the nod on the star segment this time around.

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The Fans[/ultimate_heading]

1 win

Another Pod and another no-show for the fan vote. It’s yours to lose guys!

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This Podcast has been decided in regulation……no OT required!

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ABC’s of Hockey


C is for……Coach

An integral part of any team – but Aaron tested the guys on their knowledge of their own Belfast Giant’s coaches through the organisation’s 20 year history. Tune in to see how they did!



Also – An apology is in order….what the hell is a Bobby Orr Hat-Trick!? (see Episode 52‘s ABS’s of Hockey!)

What did you think? Got something you think we missed? Got an opinion on something we already have? What do you make of our predictions for the season?Let us know, we want to hear it!!

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