An Apology from John at Door 14 Hockey

October 04, 2017

An Apology from John at Door 14 Hockey

A few weeks ago, many of you will have read our prediction blogs on all three conferences.


Some of you may also have read the specific section in my (John’s) Erhardt Conference predictions blog concerning the Nottingham Panthers, which I have included for reference (click the photo to read the whole Erhardt prediction blog).

John’s predictions for the Nottingham Panthers


As you will undoubtedly note, I predicted that the Panthers would likely be a 1st round knockout from the Champions Hockey League. This has proved not to be the case, as they now, as of 12 hours ago, sit as the first team in British hockey history to not only win a CHL game away from home, but now make it from 32nd place ranking in a competition of 32 into the final 16, thus becoming the first Brit team to make it out of the 1st round of the competition.


As you will all know, we here at Door 14 Hockey are certainly a team with a teal squint in our eyes, however for this one and only time, I will accept that I was “wrong” and will also admit that the victory last night against TPS Turku of the Finnish Liiga may well go down as one of the most significant games of hockey by a British team ever…well done guys.


You can watch the highlights of the game below…if you want to…no big deal really though…nothing much happened.



It remains to be seen if all this attention will force the Panthers to invest in a real inflatable panther however or even a mascot that doesn’t look like a slow rebranding towards the Nottingham Bears.
Domestically, fingers firmly crossed my predictions were still correct though, can’t be seen to be too positive about the custard brigade….


Kudos should also go to the Cardiff Devils on a spectacular win over the Swedish Vaxjo Lakers last night in a dominant 5-1 home victory at Ice Arena Wales.


All around, what a night for British hockey! Will we be taken more seriously now on the European scene? That remains to be seen, as Vaxjo are already being slated in the media back home for what the press are calling “the most embarrassing, sad and humiliating loss in Lakers history” [source Cardiff Devils via Twitter].


Stick taps all round from D14H and no doubt we’ll be chatting about this on next week’s podcast.



What do you all think? Is John correct in thinking the Panthers have scored the biggest win in BG hockey history? Let us know in all the usual places on Facebook and on Twitter or leave a comment below.