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Episode 02 - Episode Two Strikes

September 30, 2015

Episode 02 – Episode Two Strikes Back

Episode 02 – Episode Two Strikes

Episode 2 (technically again) is upon us, in this episode our hosts joined by a special 4th member, chat about the impressive changes made to their home away from home the SSE arena Belfast, talk international coverage for an EIHL assist, discuss the controversy of a game cut short and take a humorous look at a high jacked press conferences, jersey deals, misspelt legends, beer fuelled penalties and the world of mascots.

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You can check out the links below to keep up with the videos and features highlighted in this month’s podcast

Our home away from home a quick tour of the SSE arena:

Youtube link

50/50 anyone

50/50 Youtube link

And why not check out the outtakes

Outtakes Youtube Link

Chris Higgins of the Belfast Giants creating highlight reel assists

Chris Higgins Youtube Link

A beer fuelled penalty resulting in being ejected from the game

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And its trick shot time check out these trick shots discussed in our overtime segment

Jonathan Toew’s taking out a water bottle

Jonathan Toew’s Youtube Link

Crosby going puck crazy

Crosby Youtube Link