Episode 11 - Fear the Russians!

August 31, 2017

Episode 11 – Fear the Russians!

We’re properly back for the 2017-18 Season!

In this slightly late pre-season edition of the Door 14 Hockey Podcast, the guys discuss all things EIHL as they prepare for the start of the new season. From conference system changes, new teams and those new pesky Russian Edinburgers!

We’ll also level with you, there were some…issues…with this recording, so apologies for the quality and the edit in the middle. Gremlins have been identified and we promise not to feed our Mogwai after midnight ever again!

Here’s a taste of what we chat about:

Conference Systems

The New Conference System – from left to right: Patton, Erheardt and Gardiner. How will the teams in each conference do this season? keep your eyes peeled for our predictions coming to a computer or phone screen near you soon!

Elite League Signings

Here comes the Red (and blue…and gold) Army…but the question is: can Marty get the names right before the end of the season!?

National Ice Hockey League

Will the EIHA’s new National Ice Hockey League formats too, will the 5 conference system work this season? Click the NIHL logo to see the new setup on the EIHA website.

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