Episode 13 - Where's The Rule Book?

September 26, 2017

Episode 13 – Where’s The Rule Book?

Marty, Dave, John and Aaron are back again, and this time, they’re throwing the rule book out! (Not that we had one to start with you understand…)

After a bumper weekend of thrilling games in the EIHL, the guys chat all about the Giants’ games against the Sheffield Steelers, Paul Thompson’s mini-meltdown. We also look at some NHL arena stories, youth development in Canada, fan-made uniforms, and Aaron gives us the expert run-down on High Sticking! Along with this, there’s plenty more too, so put a brew on or pour a cold one and settle into Door 14 Hockey!


Have a look below at all the stories covered this episode. As always, click the links and photos for more info from the source websites.

How the EIHL looks after the last couple weeks of games:

Conference Standings at 25th September 2017


EIHL League Standings at 25th September 2017


Challenge Cup Standings at 25th September 2017




Goal Line Technology (GLT), is it the saving grace of the game, or is it wildly misunderstood? We look at what the EIHL had to say of its own system after some recent interest from games.

GLT: what does it say on the tin?!

Paul Thompson – The angry coach of the EIHL? The results against the Giants this weekend certainly didn’t help.

Thommo…not a happy man this past weekend!

Listen to Thommo’s post-match interview right here, and see what he had to say about his team, the officials and that incident with the Giants netminder…


They’ve got the Key, but do they have the secret to unlocking the 32nd franchise?

The Key Arena, Seattle. Home to the 32nd Originals?


New Jersey Devils player hoping to play through leukaemia diagnosis. *stick tap from all at D14*

Boyle, a hard-man of hockey with a tough journey ahead


The Saddledome. Are the Flames getting Saddle-sore?

Is the Saddledome too worn to keep riding for the Calgary Flames? The Mayor says no!


Half-Rink or half-baked idea? Ontario juniors and Hockey Canada make the call to move to half-rink hockey for under 7’s, but not everyone’s happy…

More shots with less space, or less space for skilled kids?


IIHF President says “The train has left the station” for NHL player attendance at the next Olympics in South Korea


A fan makes uniform redesigns for all IIHF team and some notable others, a few of our favourites are below. Have a look here and let us know if you think you can find one better!


Kevin makes it Raine pain for Valdix. John’s ‘Star Player shows what he’s worth in the home game versus the Steelers.


Devils’ Paul Crowder with a slash we expect to see DOPS take little pity on…


It’s like taking candy from a baby for the Blaze, but is it just that simple?

The Coventry Blaze’s security arrangements caused quite a fizz(y cola bottle) this week…


The Score shortlists Belfast and the SSE Arena in their list of cities primed for a visit from hockeys top flight…

Is the SSE Arena in line to light up for the NHL once again!?


As Trump alienates most of the sporting world, will the Stanley Cup Champion Penguins be the only major league champs to make the trip to the White House?

Will the Pens take flight to Washington as a whole flock?



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