Episode 16 - Dodge the Banana

November 07, 2017

Episode 16 – Dodge the Banana

Door 14 Hockey get stuck back in after a lovely trip to Canada…well, at least for John anyway, but you’ll hear about that soon enough!



As always, let’s start with a look at the EIHL and NHL standings as they were as of the recording tonight, starting with the EIHL League, Conference and Challenge Cup standings:

League Standings

Conference Standings

Challenge Cup Standings


Metropolitan & Atlantic Division Standings

Central & Pacific Division Standings



Meanwhile, in addition to domestic duties, the Nottingham Panthers find themselves in the final 16, elimination round of the CHL. How did it go in the first leg? Not great, but not awful. Good luck at home you dirty dirt….sorry, good luck Panthers!


The Manchester Storm are riding the wave of success so far this season, even being referred to as ‘giants’ of ice hockey…but are they about to be given a new, much larger home in Manchester thanks to Sheikh Mansour, Manchester City FC’s owner? We discuss a recent piece in the local Mancunian press.

Is this man about to provide the Storm a new home?


Pete Russell made the bold move to apologise to the MK Lightning fans after they recorded their first pointless Elite League weekend and first home loss. We chat about the guts it takes to do that, and how likely other teams would be to make a similar statement, even in those games where the ‘bigger’ teams slip up or just manage to dodge the banana as John put it!

MKL boss Russell apologetic following first home EIHL loss and first pointless weekend


Alex Ovechkin has taken some heat in the press for his very public support of Russian President Vladamir Putin, but is it right to bring politics into sport? We discuss our own opinions.

Putin shares a laugh on the bench with his mate Ovi


As some of you may know, John recently spent some time in Canada (have a read of his first travel blog here, second one coming soon!).During his time, he took in some small games he came across in something called the National Hockey League, heard of it? We feel it’s our responsibility here at Door 14 Hockey to help support these new leagues, and below you’ll find the highlights of the game’s he attended, with teams called the Los Angeles Kings, Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators all making appearances. Click the images below and enjoy the highlights! Be sure to check out Charlie Hudon’s first goal v the Senators, it’s John’s star goal this time around!

Habs v Kings

Habs v Sens


Once again, we’ve found another mental junior hockey coach! Are these guys angry at not making the cut themselves or just super passionate about the kids’ game? Take a look below and see what you make of it yourself, read here what the Littleton Hockey Association had to say in their statement and listen to what we thought on the podcast.


The 2018 winter Olympic ice hockey jerseys have been revealed for all 13 nations taking part, and they’re certainly splitting opinions, not least amongst our team here at Door 14 Hockey. Take a look below and let us know which is your favourite and which you loath the most on Twitter and Facebook!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

What's your favourite Olympics 2018 jersey?

Which is the worst Olymipcs 2018 hockey jersey?



The BBC are adding a laundry list of new online content across a multitude of sports….but there’s a notable missing sport in their announcement. Is the EIHL missing a trick, or is free to air, online content a risk to clubs? We discuss.

The BBC are adding online content, good for hockey in the UK right?

Marty’s Star Player this time around is none other than the Pens’ Matt Murray….just look to see why!

Trying not to flog a dead horse, we chat about the recent DOPS debacle, the departure of Simon Kirkham as head of the failed attempt and it’s revival under a former NHL linesman and an international player safety organisation…surely how it should have all started, right!?

And finally, because he wasn’t sure the guys remembered, John brought gifts for all the guys from the Hockey Hall of Fame Spirit of Hockey gift shop, you know…just to remind them that he was in Canada….and they weren’t!

Not much, but they’re something!


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