Episode 19 - Kiss My Lucky Egg

December 20, 2017

Episode 19 – Kiss My Lucky Egg

ITS CHRISTMAS!! Well almost.

The lads are back and the hockey drought is nearly over. This episode the lads discuss Scottish hockey, poor breakaway decisions, Olympics, lucky eggs, cocaine and Christmas gifts, plus all the usual features that dozens and dozens of you have come to know and love!

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Period One - Local Coverage round up

We start this week with a story that highlights the devotion and enthusiasm of the Plymouth Pirates, a team that has to travel 175 miles just to train!
The only thing I would travel a 175 miles for is a Boojum burrito! Full story here.

Edinburgh Capitals

We return to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Caps. Three stories that really cover all the bases…the “good”, the “bad” and the “lets fire the coach”.


To close period one we look at a story from Braehead Clan’s head coach John Tripp, who is demanding his team to focus. Link Here.

Period Two - Across the Pond

Star Segment

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Minnesota Wild – Dec. 14, 2017 | Game

P.K. Subban’s blue line ‘Sandrock’ goal v Canucks 14/12/17

Sébastien Sylvestre’s hat-trick Belfast Giants 17/12/2017


Seeing as its Christmas what would you buy the hockey fan in your life?

Top 10 Guide ideas

Barbuzzo Battery-Operated Zamboni











NHL Stanley Cup Popcorn Maker










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