Episode 26 - Just The Two Of Us

March 27, 2018

Episode 26 – Just The Two Of Us

This time around it’s just the two of us, as Marty and John find themselves alone on this podcast as Dave and Aaron clearly have better things to be doing with their time (working mostly)!

Marty and John don’t skimp on the material, as they chat all about the end of the EIHL regular season as the Devils take Monty back home for a second year, the Caps declare their intentions going on, net minders keep getting interfered with and interfering with the game in the US, there’s goals from goalies and DOPS is up to its old tricks again. We also look at some of your questions too, and one came from someone that sounds familiar…

We also have the pleasure of bringing you the first ever interview on Door 14 Hockey, and where better to start that with Craig Simpson of the EIHA, NIHL, IHUK and Team GB!?

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Period One - Local Coverage round up

Capitals seek to redeem themselves with new executive board

The Edinburgh franchise look to secure their future and win back fans as they announce a new management board moving forward.

Check out more here

Swindon Wildcats wave goodbye to Playoff hopes as ineligible player leads to forfeit.

The Wildcats fell foul of a NIHL rule with an U18 player having not iced in 25% of league games, putting an end to their season earlier than expected.

Read more here. 

However the team, and MD Steven Nell held their hands up and accepted the mistake. Read the team statement here, as well as the news that their appeal was rejected.

Period Two - Across the Pond

Goaltender Interference – Update from NHL GMs

The NHL General Managers issue and update on the review of the Goaltender Interference rules, as well as on Expansion and Salary Cap growth.

Read about it here.

We want your opinion though…is this interference with a goalie?!

Now it’s netminders interfering with the game!


Toronto Marlies netminder Calvin Pickard does his best impression of David Leggio and decides he’d like a word with the referees…


Period Three - General Nockey News

Special Nockey News Feature: Chat with EIHA/NIHL/IHUK/Team GB Media Officer, Craig Simpson.

A very different Nockey News for you this time around, as in our first EVER interview on the Door 14 Hockey Podcast, we had the pleasure of chatting to EIHA, NIHL, IHUK and Team GB Media Officer Craig Simpson about the first re-formatted season in the NIHL, developments across the EIHA, youth development and Team GB’s hopes for the Division 1, Group A tournament in Budapest.

Craig gave us some brilliant insight to his work across the various organisations. If you’d like to find out more about the English Ice Hockey Association and the National Ice Hockey League, check out their website here and catch the EIHA’s own podcast; “Talking for England: The EIHA Podcast

Star Segment

Martin – Star Goal

Eeeeeewww…..he chose Sid the Kid!

John – Star Goal

Cam Ward has done something terrible to deserve this, but it’s goal all the same!


Penalty Box


Questionable EIHL DoPS seems to be back…did Jim deserve 2 games?

Did Francis Verreault-Paul deserve more?



Listener Questions!

Some weird Welsh sounding bloke with a Twitter avatar not dis-similar to our own Dave Eaton, brought us the breaking news that John Tripp is parting ways and who we think is stepping into the vacant coaches’ shoes across the EIHL.

Both Jo and Jonathan asked us where we see the next crop of GB players to come to the Giants coming from, and specifically asked about current Edinburgh Capitals defenceman, Tyler Plews.

and Damien asked us a follow up on what he asked us earlier in the season regarding Coach Adam Keefe’s rookie season, and if we think it’s been a success or not…


EIHL Playoffs: The D14 Predictions

Marty and John had a go at predicting how they thought the Playoffs may play out, including picking Semi-Final winners and having a stab at overall winners.

John saw the Semi Finals Play out as:

Devils (W) v Blaze (L)
Storm (L) v Flyers (W)
Steelers (W) v Flames (L)
Panthers (L) v Giants (W)

Of course, John saw the Belfast Giants winning the Grand Final, but on the off chance they don’t make it he’d like to see the Fife Flyers take it over the others.


Marty saw the Semi-Finals playing out the same way as John, although he did waver a little when it came to the Storm v Flyers, thinking the Manchester outfit could possibly go through to the Nottingham weekender.

Devils (W) v Blaze (L)
Storm (?) v Flyers (?)
Steelers (W) v Flames (L)
Panthers (L) v Giants (W)

Either way, again the teal specs are on and he expects no less than a Giants win on the Sunday, but he surprised John with a back-up winner of the Sheffield Steelers….eeew…



Who do you think of the 8 Semi-Finalists are going to go all the way and lift the EIHL Playoff Championship?

Who will lift the 2018 Playoff Championship?