Episode 28 - Insufferable Gloating

April 24, 2018

Episode 28 – Insufferable Gloating

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As talk mostly turns to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, listen as John gloats, Marty sits in limbo while Arn dreams of what could have been. The lads talk all about Hockey in Edinburgh, UK Hall of Fame, NHL Awards, crafty parents and EIHL jersey auctions. Plus all the usual features from the Door 14 Hockey Podcast.

Period One - Local Coverage

So Long Caps…hello again Racers?

Period one this time around is kicked off with a nod to our former favourite league whipping-boys, the Edinburgh Capitals, as it seems that we may have seen the last of them. The powers at Murrayfield have sided with the business model presented to them by the ‘new’ Murrayfield Racers organisation headed by the David Hand, brother of GB legend Tony Hand, almost certainly sealing the fate of the Caps after a less than spectacular 20 year tenure at the ‘coldest rink in the country’.

The Caps themselves and then later the EIHL seem to have confirmed the news of the Capitals demise, without using so many words though…

Dave was missed this week, as the news was announced that Stevie Lyle was to be inducted into the GB Hockey Hall of Fame. Marty talks a little about some…history that Dave, Andy and he have with Lyle too!

Team GB have had a great start to the World Championships in Budapest, with a historic win against Slovenia, the world #15’s!

Next up are Kazakhstan, followed by Poland, Italy and finally hosts Hungary. A 1st or 2nd place finish will see the team move up to top-flight international hockey – come on GB!

Back at home, the Friendship Four continues to build on it’s own legacy, with 2019 competitors revealed, as well as the announcement of the first EVER Women’s NCAA games to be played outside of North America in January!

Door 14 Hockey firmly believes that this tournament is a testament to not just Belfast, but one of the most important hockey links the UK has with the wider world, so if you haven’t booked your tickets yet for this year; get it done!

Period Two - International Coverage

With round one all but complete for most teams, and with John’s Nashville Predators clearly being in the strongest position of all the lads’ teams, lets have a look and see how things have gone on those bracket predictions from a couple weeks ago….





So, we’re not a million miles out…unless you’re Dave!

 Share your bracket predictions with us on our Twitter page!

We also took a look at the NHL Awards finalists as they were on recording night:

Period Three - General Nockey News

So, you want to get your kid a souvenir from the big game? What do you do if there’s three of them though? This dad has the answer, keep the cute one to the end!

Video not working? Try here to see maybe the smartest hockey dad in the world!

But it didn’t end there for the little girl, OH NO! She scored some of the best seats in the house for Game 5 as Capitals owner Ted Leonsis offered little Keelan Moxley seats in his own box!

We had a quick call-back to Aarons nominee for the big ‘Door Knob Award’ on The Doorsies awards, as Guildford Flames fans showed their…dedication (?) to the team by bidding big for some playoff jerseys! The numbers here make for some interesting reading, eh?

Are you new to hockey? Are you getting your first taste of hockey lingo and rules as the playoffs start heating up? Uuum, so what’re you doing here?! Well, if you are, let ‘Dogg Cherry’ himself, Snoop D.O.Double G. get you started on your journey with Hockey 101!

Star Segment

John once again, for the second podcast in a row decided to abuse his power as the kicked off the stars by, yup you guessed it, talking about the Predators! This time around, it was Pekka Rinne who got the shout for star player, as he backstopped the Predators to a Game 6, 4-2 series win with a shutout away in Colorado. He’d had his shaky moments in the series, but not this time! Catch the best highlights of the Playoffs so far here!  (ok, I’ll stop abusing my powers as web-guy now….)

Marty also stayed with what he knows, with the Leafs, and went for the standout moment from Frederik Andersen in Game 3 vs the Boston Bruins. OK, we might give him this one…that’s a beaut!

Aaron couldn’t help but stick with his Philly Flyers even though they crashed out in spectacular ‘whiplash’ fashion in game 6 of their first round series against the Penguins. Even though they ended the game down by three after having been in the lead by 2 goals in the second, the final score of 8-5 to the Pens, didn’t stop Sean Couturier from netting 60% of the Flyers goals on the night, with his second playoff hat-trick. Highlight of the game, including that hatty, can be found here.


It was a quiet OT for us this time around, with only one question coming in from Jonathan:

So we had a quick chat around the different approaches to announcements taken across the EIHL, and decided…while, it’s nice to be kept in the loop, we like a bit of a tease, a bit of structure and most importantly, not to have to get up at 6 o’clock with the birds and the estate agents’ to read them!

Another episode has come and gone! What did you think? Got something you think we missed? Got an opinion on something we already have? Let us know, we want to hear it!!

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