Episode 29 - Two Minutes for Licking

May 22, 2018

Episode 29 – Two Minutes for Licking

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After a month away the boys return to talk all things hockey. They look at the current movement and league setup in the EIHL, talk IIHF World championships, NHL Playoffs, broken bones, licking your opponents, bad ads and more.

Period One - Local Coverage

Our local coverage starts once again with news from Edinburgh. Last time around it looked like there would be some new kids’ in the old smoke….but no, the Racers have had their application to the EIHL refused and in response, the league have said….that things will change…yeah, that’s our 2018 Door-Knob award winners for you!

Meanwhile, the Hull Pirates were in a teasing mood as they initially seemed to suggest a return for their city to top-flight UK hockey, only to dash those hopes for a twelfth team in the league on the day of our recording by confirming that with lots going on with their business and potential new home arena, that they have deferred any entry to the EIHL until the 2019/20 season.

Team GB had huge success in the IIHF Division 1A World Championships, securing a second gold medal and promotion for the second year running, with a date next year with Hockey’s top teams, including Canada, the USA, Russia and Sweden!

We also had a quick chat about a certain netminder’s choice to head across to Yorkshire and work in a chicken shop drive-thru…

Thanks Jo for the question as always!

Period Two - International Coverage

The guys chat about how the NHL Playoffs have progressed so far, and didn’t once mention anything to John after the last podcast…not once….

Now that he’s back, Dave couldn’t help but chat about how the Wild are preparing for next season with some personnel changes, starting at the top with the dismissal of GM Chuck Fletchers.

As we all know, the Door 14 Hockey guys are basically all switching allegiances for the Stanley Cup Final to the Vegas Golden Knights, as they continue to make history by clinching their first Western Conference Title in their inaugural season and we can’t help but be impressed with that. What about this for an opening ceremony to a series though!?

We chatted about the ‘little ball of hate’ that is Brad Marchand and his….well, thing for licking opponents. Yeah, we didn’t know what to make of it either, other than to have a bit of a laugh at the NHL’s reaction to it all!

Meanwhile, the nations that Team GB will face at next year’s World Championships faced off, with Sweden securing gold for a second consecutive year, but was the bigger news Canada’s national side leaving without any medals at all? We discuss.

Period Three - General Nockey News

Meanwhile, in the AHL, the longest game in that league’s history took place in Charlotte. It took over six hours across two days, but eventually the Checkers came out on top, but not before the Leigh Valley Phantoms netminder made 79 consecutive saves over almost 120 minutes of Overtime!

Dave brought us the great news that the NWHL will expand to five teams, with the inclusion of the Minnesota Whitecaps. We’re huge fans of more and more hockey in any format and we discuss how much we’re looking forward to the NCAA women’s games to be held in Belfast this coming January!

Marty fought his own stomach to bring us the story of Oxford City Stars player Jason Ikin, who broke his wrist during a game, and by broke, WE MEAN BROKE!

Everyone knows how much we love a cheesy and awful TV advert that includes some terrible hockey player action (Phil Kessel, we’re looking at you!) but this one from Bauer featuring Maple Leafs’ netminder Frederik Andersson may take that to a new level, and he wasn’t even there…and to be honest, we’re not 100% sure it really sells what they’re trying to either!


Star Segment

All three guys this time around chose netminders from around the world to be singled out for special mention.


John went with an old one, but one that’s still well worth it, from a few weeks’ back as Marlies tendy Garret Sparks threw caution to the wind and made a save without his blocker!

Dave went with Team GB netminder Ben Bowns for his spectacular performance during Team GB’s gold medal tournament.

Marty got his inspiration from John earlier in the podcast and decided to single out Leafs’ and Denmark goalstop Frederik Andersson for this spectacular save against Germany!


Are you a ‘Twitter Ranter’, a ‘Parade Planner’ or even a (eugh) ‘Habs Fan’?!

Marty took time out to figure out from this list of fan types what Dave, John and Aaron are. Have a look yourself and see if you can find yourself there, and let us know! If we know you and you let us know on Twitter, we’ll let you know if you’re right!

To close this episode out, and figuring that the Stanley Cup will be over by the next time we get together, we looked at the stats to see how long it took teams to go from their inaugural season, to their first cup win. Makes for some interesting reading, but are the Golden Knights about to make even the most impressive stats here pale in insignificance? Maybe!

Another episode has come and gone! What did you think? Got something you think we missed? Got an opinion on something we already have? Let us know, we want to hear it!!

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