Episode 32 - Here We Go Again

August 28, 2018

Episode 32 – Here We Go Again

It’s the Pre-Season, Pre-season Special! The boys prepare for the return of hockey by discussing preseason games, the last few signings, visa issues, abrupt departures and a joint up approach to UK Hockey as well as giving those all important annual predictions plus much more.

Period One - Local Coverage


Check out the full list on The Elite Prospects web pages.

John was especially impressed by the Flyers’ commitment to young Scottish talent, including their new local goalie duo.

Preseason progress…

Preseason was in full swing this last weekend – have a look at the official EIHL’s run down of the results from Saturday and Sunday.


Departures, departures everywhere!

Players seem to be backing out on contracts left, right and centre across the Elite League, but is it as simple as just a change of mind for them? We have a look at a few of the biggest names to renege on contract agreements from Cardiff, Coventry and Glasgow.


All Thunder and No Lightning…

Meanwhile, Milton Keynes can’t even get their coach into the country, as Doug McKay sees a delay in his work visa, meaning MK Thunder’s Head Coach Lewis Clifford will run the bench this coming week.

Meanwhile, the Thunder seem to have their own issues, as changes to their league in the NIHL mean additional games and additional cost, meaning their Official Supporters Club have launched a crowd funding site to raise money to keep the team going for the full season, something we’ve seen before in other leagues in the UK?


A New Direction?

Meanwhile, the governing bodies of UK hockey have agreed to unify under a single banner, including the EPL, IHUK and SIHA, but does it mean anything without the inclusion of the EIHL? The guys discuss just this query posed by @BannersOTW from Twitter.


Devils prep for second stab at Europe

The Cardiff Devils are also prepping to head to Europe once again to take their chances with the Champions Hockey League, and we can watch from the comfort of our own homes, as FreeSports will cover their opening game this Thursday. Oh, and FreeSports have been reminded of the existence of Coventry Blaze too, as they finally announce coverage of the Blaze having overlooked them earlier in the month!

Period Two - International Coverage

How to Hire!

John presented the only story in Period 2 this time around, as he found the best hiring practices he’s ever seen in hockey, or anywhere for that matter in an unlikely place, Toronto!


Meanwhile, he also had to explain this…..

Period Three - General Nockey News

Prospect should have resisted this training….

Off season is hard…training in the off season is hard, but this takes the biscuit, as Habs prospect Jacob de la Rose found out as he trained with Preds player Fillip Forsberg and a high tension resistance band….ouch!


Everything’s bigger in….Russia?!

As if the Russian capital city’s team needed more help to win games, they might get themselves a big boost in fan numbers should a Russian billionaire get his way, as he plans the construction of the biggest hockey stadium in the world, with space for 22,500 fans!


GB Women lay foundations

The first GB women’s training development camp got underway a couple weeks ago too, and the guys discussed how this is a pattern that needs to be followed across the board.

2018-19 Season Predictions

As this is the last of the special pre-season specials….more special than the other special specials’…..yeah, you know what we mean….it’s time to make our customary predictions for the season ahead.

The rule is: lets just assume the Giants are going to win anything, because seriously were you at those preseason games, did you see Besko and Hook and the rest of the guys?! It’s all sown up, just hand them the trophies already!
Oh, sorry, anyway…..assuming the Giants don’t win anything (hahahaha) who wins the League, Challenge Cup and Playoffs?
Listen to the podcast to hear why the guys make their predictions, but here we go….this is what they said!

League: Cardiff Devils

Challenge Cup: Manchester Storm

Playoffs: Sheffield Steelers

League: Sheffield Steelers

Challenge Cup: Manchester Storm

Playoffs: Cardiff Devils

League: Nottingham Panthers

Challenge Cup: Fife Flyers

Playoffs: Fife Flyers

League: Nottingham Panthers

Challenge Cup: Cardiff Devils

Playoffs: Cardiff Devils

What did you think? Got something you think we missed? Got an opinion on something we already have? What do you make of our predictions for the season?Let us know, we want to hear it!!

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