Episode 40 - Answers On A Podcast

December 20, 2018

Episode 40 – Answers On A Podcast

A chaotic episode of the Door 14 Hockey podcast in which the lads have a bleeping good time eating their way through the episode, while opening Christmas presents, celebrating birthdays, discussing all things hockey from Twitter beefs, mascot attacks, good bois, gritty and of course the big reveal.

Period One - Local Coverage

Rudi starts it, Taff ends it…


Here come the GIRLS!

A couple weeks’ time sees yet another historic first in Belfast, as the premier women’s NCAA league will witness its first game outside of the US, as Clarkson and Northeastern (both of who’s mens teams have competed in the Friendship Four tournament) will compete in the inaugural Friendship Series!


Scott Matzka – Legend loses his battle

Last week saw the sad news that former Cardiff Devil and one-time Belfast Giant (select) Scott Matzka, the power behind the #MyTurn movement, lost his struggle with ALS. We normally tap sticks for news like this, but we feel more like lifting them to the sky for this hero of many.


Honorary mention – teddy’s got tossed!

After the last podcast and all the chat about Teddy Tosses, we’d be remiss for mentioning what happened this last weekend in Sheffield and the small debacle of their teddy toss night! (note – we’re 100% behind this type of cause, but damn this was funny!)

Period Two - International Coverage

This day in history NHL

Dave keeps the nostalgia train moving, and starts Period 2 with memories of the first NHL games, 101 years ago!


Nutcracker Sweet – but still no goal

The curious case of a puck, the St Louis Blues, a wild slapshot, a referee’s ‘undercarriage’ and the goal that wasn’t to be. Honestly, it’s the fairy-tale you were never told, or wanted to hear!


Tommy Hawk goes in HARD on fan!

We’re always careful about how we talk about the ‘Hawks’ on D14, what with our N.I. (or hybrid in John’s case) accents, and after seeing what their mascot Tommy Hawk did to one over-eager fan; we reckon we’ll stay that way!


Barclay is all you need.

Stop what you’re doing. We have some very important news for you. Follow this link, to see the cutest and most adorable hockey dog on earth….EVER!


Philly Fire More….

More woes and changes for Aaron’s Philadelphia Flyers, as this time the coach gets shown the door….

Period Three - General Nockey News

A library we want to visit!

After talking about the issues surrounding cost barriers to kids’ getting into hockey, one coach has found an awesome way to ensure some kids can get into hockey, by creating his own Gear Library of equipment! Well done coach!!


Dressing up is always fun!

Halloween may be well behind us at this point, but who wouldn’t dress up like a giant puck and start bouncing colleagues around the workplace?! Not Golden Knights player Cody Eakin, anyway!


Canes’ play funny business with their jerseys….

We love a good jersey story, but this one is a little bizarre – as it seems the Carolina Hurricanes have it in their head that they play better in their home jerseys whilst on the road…are they right though?!


Grotty cancels Christmas

With a disturbing on-ice performance, Gritty continues to cause chaos across not just Philly, but the world!

Star Segment

It’s that time in the show where we want to share a player, a goal or a game that we thought was outstanding this week.


Player: Copies John and goes with Giants’ forward Darcy Murphy


Player: Colin Shields

The big man is back from injury!


Player: Darcy ‘Dangles’ Murphy – Belfast Giants no. 15

An epic performance and 4 goal game against the Manchester Storm seals John’s star player award this time around!


He was there….but no star…..amateur!

Penalty Box


The EIHL DoPS came out of a month long hibernation to drop a 1 game ban on the Giants’ Hunter Bishop for elbowing.

But….as Michael Patton points out, how was this one missed by the officials?



Not strictly the NHL this one, but a prospect for the Blackhawks. Bit of a s**t stirrer, eh?


USA Hockey/Texas School

We haven’t spoken about any major incidents in juniors before, but this one from USA Hockey’s programme in Texas went viral for all the wrong reasons….

Over Time

The time has come!

It’s been spoken about for months, teased and dangled in front of him – but on this podcast, John finally discovers the destination of his Stag-do in a little over 3 weeks’ time……and that destination is……



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