Episode 55 - The Loose Women of Hockey

November 08, 2019

Episode 55 – The Loose Women of Hockey

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Marty, Dave, John and Tonks the dog return for another episode. This week the lads talk Challenge Cup fiasco, goalies scoring goals, EIHL DOPS, OT winners, NHL Player polls, KHL rumors, loads of jerseys and famous hockey numbers. Plus all the usual features and stories you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey Podcast.

Period One - Local Coverage

Challenge Cup gets Stranger and Strangerer….

So, Dundee seriously didn’t think they’d get through the knockout stage – never mind ending first seeds and had to circumvent the live selection on Freesports in a couple weeks to secure ice time…yup – #village


Giants Bring In Defensive Backup

The Belfast Giants this week moved to sign defenceman Ryan Lowney to strengthen the corps at the back. With this though, which two imports now miss out on game nights?


NIHL U18 Goalie steps up to Seniors as outskater – nets 12 goals in two games!

Harrison Walker, U18s netminder for the Bradford Bulldogs stepped up over the last couple weeks, but as an outskater, and netted himself 12 (TWELVE) goals in two games against the same opposition!


Goal Pegs…The Saga Continues

Not to jump on the bandwagon – but we discuss the issue of goal pegs…

Penalty Box


DoPS hand out Double Suspension to Steelers and Storm

Last week, Steelers player Michael Davies and Storm player Mathieu Gagnon both fell foul of EIHL’s Department of Player Safety after a multifaceted incident!

Fife Assistant Coach hit with 7 Game Ban by DoPS

Meanwhile, Flyers assistant coach Jeff Hutchins was handed a 7 game ban for an incident in Nottingham both after the game and off the ice that involved a water bottle and a swift boot….

Steelers go Another Man Down

Finally, Sheffield saw themselves go another import down for a game this weekend – as Marc-Olliver Vallerand will sit out one game for a questionable hit to the back of the head…but he wasn’t content not to have his say on the matter…

Period Two - International Coverage

Winter Classic Jerseys Revealed

Finally – the NHL 2019 Winter Classic jersey reveals have hit for both Nashville and Dallas– let alone that young Ethan McClean was in Nashville for that reveal!). We have our say on them.



NHL players we’re asked (confidentially of course) a series of hard-hitting questions about whether the league has a ‘charlie’ problem, and if they, like John, are finally over this Gritty thing. Check out their answers!

Penalty Box

Scary Hit Sees Sabourin KO’d

Yeah – this one went viral for all the wrong reasons. Never nice to see a guy go down like this, go good to see him leave with the thumbs up.

Period Three - General Nockey News

KHL in the UK – again…really?

Yup, it’s THAT annual rumour doing the rounds again – but considering the source is from the KHL this time, does it add any real weight to it?


AHL Team to go 3 in 3

The San Antonio Rampage will wear three completely different throwback jerseys over three periods in one game to celebrate their anniversary!


Washington Championship Fever Hits Again

The Washington Nationals won the World Series of hitting a ball with a stick last week and they decided to go to the best place in DC to party – wherever Ovi is!


Disney Prepare to Kill More Childhood Memories

That’s right, the beloved Mighty Ducks are getting rebooted into a TV series. Do we need or want it?

Star Segment

It’s that time in the show where we want to share a player, a goal or a game that we thought was outstanding this week and you get to vote!


It was close last time around – with only 4% between first and first loser….but the fans have tied things at the top and took the point!

Check out this week’s nominations and remember to vote via Twitter!


2 wins

Brian Ward


1 win

Kevin Raine


0 wins

EIHL DoPS – You want entertainment: You Got It!


0 wins

Considering why he’s not with us this time – we’re pretty sure it would be his wife Amy, but that doesn’t count!

The Fans

2 wins

Scratched for non-attendance!


OT returns to round out the podcast this time around, and it was a fun one as Marty asked the guys about the special ones who’ve worn their favourite numbers.

No surprise to see one former Belfast Giant Theoren Fleury top the billing for the number 14, but who’s considered the best to every wear your number? Check it out here. 

Mitchell's Corner

ABC’s of Hockey


It’s Half-Term for the ABC’s – the teacher will be back next time!!

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