Episode 56 - Lets Go Juicy

November 22, 2019

Episode 56 – Lets Go Juicy

FIRST OFF – Last time we asked if someone…..ANYONE would call us the ‘Loose Women of hockey”, and Mark didn’t disappoint (sorry for forgetting it was you during the record this time around!!).

So, from now on – that’s what you can call us!

In this week’s show, the lads chat new signings, EIHL Challenge cup draw, helpful Steelers, the Keefe family, Don Cheery scandal, the theft of Ice Cream and more. Plus all the usual features and segments you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey Podcast.

Apologies for the poor sound quality later in the episode, we tried our best to improve it after recording following some technical issues pre-record.

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Leeds Chiefs Robbed Blind

NIHL team Leeds Chiefs have had a rough start to their inaugural season, and now made worse after some douchebags broke into their facility and stole pretty much all of their playing equipment.
You can help them out by going to their Just Giving page and donate what you can.


Steelers Hit The Ground In Flood Effort

You know what, we know we’re not the biggest fans of the Sheffield Steelers, and whilst they’re known for some false-starts with their social media and engagement, this isn’t one of them as the organisation hit the streets to help those affected by the recent floods in England – well done lads.


Two Out, One In at the Giants

We wave goodbye to Jessie Forsberg and Jean Dupuy but say “Wattabout Ye?” to David Goodwin.


Panthers Progress

The Nottingham Panthers have progressed through their group in the Continental Cup and will take part in the finals, location still TBC.


Meanwhile, The Challenge Cup is FINALLY Out Of The Group Stage

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There’s a New Keefe In Town for Leafs’

With Mike Babcock being shown the door, it’s been opened for a certain Mr Sheldon Keefe, brother of Belfast Giants’ Adam, as he takes the helm in Toronto. Any chance of lowering ticket prices Sheldon?


Don’s Gone….Or Is He?

Don Cherry finally went too far according to Sportsnet, as he is removed from Hockey Night In Canada

, but others support his statements and he responds by engaging with modern media, and will launch a Podcast.


Team GB will host Canada in Nottingham in Pre-Worlds Exhibition

Team GB last week announced that they will host Team Canada in an exhibition game as they prepare for their second run at top-flight world championship hockey. Ticket sales have been hailed as “Phenomenal – but we have takes….



Penalty Box


Only one from EIHL DoPS this time, and it’s Steeler’s Anthony DeLuca who takes a one game ban – we discuss and also consider if there’s a cultural swing in Sheffield as they seem to be ‘Ban Magnets‘ at the moment.

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Careful of your Ice Cream on TV

This guy thought he was innocently chatting to a mate in the background of a live TV broadcast during a game whilst enjoying a lovely looking ice cream cone….now he’s a meme!


Christmas Arrives, Nashville Style!

Nashville Predators unveiled a Christmas tree we can all get behind…..or into if we could!



Penalty Box

Player gets punched (kinda) and decides the best way to respond is to SPIT on his opponent…gets his comeuppance from NHL DoPS, and we couldn’t agree more!

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Star Segment “][/ultimate_heading]

It’s that time in the show where we want to share a player, a goal or a game that we thought was outstanding this week and you get to vote!


It was close last time around – with only 4% between first and first loser….but the fans have tied things at the top and took the point!

Check out this week’s nominations and remember to vote via Twitter!

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2 wins

Sheldon Keefe – because, it’s Marty after all….

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2 wins

Marc-Andre Fleury – But Honestly, Besko Dared Him!

Check out this WORLDY of a save….looks familiar doesn’t it Giant’s fans??

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0 wins

10 Year Old (TEN YEAR OLD) Cal Scott from Eleventh Minnesota for an epic lacrosse goal. Kid’s a stud. #VoteCal

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0 wins

Adam Keefe – Aaron wants Adam to get one over on Sheldon, but can he?

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The Fans[/ultimate_heading]

2 wins

Boooooo…..gloves were dropped fans and you turtled…..again!

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Overtime”][/ultimate_heading]

Lets look ahead to one of the highlights of the hockey calendar in Belfast – The 2019 Friendship Four, and the impact the NCAA has on professional hockey around the world.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Mitchell’s Corner”][/ultimate_heading]

ABC’s of Hockey


He’s back, and he’s spreading the knowledge….this time it’s “E” for………..”EQUIPMENT”

What’s your favourite custom Goalie Mask out there?

AND….what WOULD you paint on a jock-strap?!

What did you think? Got something you think we missed? Got an opinion on something we already have? What do you make of our predictions for the season?Let us know, we want to hear it!!

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