Episode 57 - When The Host's Away The Boys Will Play

December 06, 2019

Episode 57 – When The Host’s Away The Boys Will Play

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In an interesting first, Marty isn’t here – and he’s left the podcast in the less than capable hands of John, who’s joined by Aaron. Listen in wonder as things go poorly straight off the bat!
The two lads settle into the comfy chars to discuss how hugely underprepared John is to do this, (kinda) the Friendship Four, EIHL DoPS and non-calls on dangerous acts, the Bill Peters / Akim Aliu situation, Borocop (or RoboBoro as John rechristened him), Ovi’s casual use of a blowtorch, dangerous hits in the junior game, the D14 Stars and Teddy Tosses and of course, set you on your way into the world of hockey as we reach “F” in the ABCs of Hockey!


Massive apologies for the loss of some content this time around. A small section of the usual episode preamble discussing the EIHL table and the NHL table, as well as the start of the chat around the NCAA Friendship FOur in Period One have been lost to the Podcast Gods. We (John) promise to do better next time!

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2019 Friendship Four

Northeastern University took the prize at their second time of asking, defeating both New Hampshire and Colgate to lift the Belpot, whilst Princeton made up the numbers at this year’s tournament suffering two defeats.


Nottingham Panthers Head for Denmark

The Panthers will compete in the Continental Cup Super Final in Denmark as they bid to win the tournament for the second time in their history – and secure a spot in next years’ Champions Hockey League.



Penalty Box


Devil’s Sean Bentivoglio was suspended for this dangerous high sticking incident against the Belfast Giants a couple weekends ago.

Meanwhile, Panther’s Danny Fick seems to have gotten away with a terrible slash which looks to have put Sheffiled’s DeLuca out for several weeks. Considering the shot that led to the slash came after the buzzer – we discuss…

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Buffalo Sabres Honour Assistant Equipment Manager

Zach Boqosian isn’t a name many of you will know – but he’s spend longer in ‘The Show’ than many can dream of, as the Buffalo Sabres Assistant Equipment Manager, and to thank him on the occasion of his 2,000th NHL game, the players and team got him a little something for those cold Buffalo winters!


Sharks Prospect Works on His A**

Zach Gallant, a prospect out of San Jose got himself a highlight reel goal this last week, literally whilst sitting (and sliding) on his ass!


Flames Coach Bill Peters Fired

Calgary this week relieved head coach Bill Peters of his duties, following allegations of racial abuse dating back more than a decade.

Coincidentally, the NHL decided to make a statement…

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Spittin’ Chic….erm…..teeth…..

Florida’s Keith Yandle hit the headlines last week after taking a nasty shot to the face and losing 9 teeth, only to come back out later in the game and then the next night after some emergency dental work – keeping his Iron Man run of consecutive appearances (now over 820) going!


What’s This, A New 14 Podcast?!

Former famous face in Belfast, Theoren Fleury will hit the web with his new podcast!

No word yet on if he’ll be copying the format, but expect our lawyers to be straight on that!


Senators’ Mark Boroweicki Stops Robbery in Vancouver

The player spotted a guy breaking into a car, and after CLOSELINING the guy, was able to return a bag to its rightful owner.

Obviously the Sens’ didn’t make a big deal out of it….



Penalty Box


Just send this kid straight down. Non-contact, eh? Junior hockey with more questions to answer.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Star Segment “][/ultimate_heading]

It’s that time in the show where we want to share a player, a goal or a game that we thought was outstanding this week and you get to vote!


Last time, John was a complete shoe-in for the win, except for Marty and Aaron deciding to have a Keefe family fight on the poll with Sheldon and Adam going toe to toe. After much to-ing and fro-ing however, Aaron moves off the bottom of the table with his first win and takes the point after backing Belfast’s head coach to the victory.


Check out this week’s nominations and remember to vote via Twitter!

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2 wins

He’s on his holidays and is scratched for this pod.

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2 wins

You don’t record, you dont nominate, you know the rules man! Daddy day-care is benched for this episode.

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0 wins

The Friendship Four – because is there a more prestigious tournament held in the UK that showcases hockey here to the world, and does it this well? Didn’t think so.

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1 win

The Northeastern Huskies – Everyone likes a winner, right?!

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The Fans[/ultimate_heading]

2 wins

Jo hits us with the moonwalk celly for the #FanStar

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Overtime”][/ultimate_heading]

This weekend sees the annual teddy toss at the SSE in Belfast – and whether you toss your teddy or air your bear, its an amazing thing, but some just do it better than others!

How about the Oil Kings and their epic Teddy Bear jerseys?

Or The kings of the Teddy Toss, the Hershey Bears – with another record breaking night?

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ABC’s of Hockey


Aaron dispenses the wisdom again and puts the podcast to bed like the petulant child it is, with F……for…….”Forwards”!

What did you think? Got something you think we missed? Got an opinion on something we already have? What do you make of our predictions for the season?Let us know, we want to hear it!!

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