Episode 59 - Careful Now

January 10, 2020

Episode 59 – Careful Now

The first episode of 2020 and a new decade. This week the lads talk missing trousers, misuse of technology, headers in hockey, Winter Classic, all-star jerseys, proposals, Russians and shooting your shot. Plus all the usual news bits and features you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey Podcast.

Period One - Local Coverage

The Lads start by sending our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of former Belfast Giants match night announcer Stephen Clements, who passed away suddenly this week.



Trouserless Refs in NIHL

rather embarrassingly, an NIHL referee turned up to work without his trousers and delayed the game.


Ayr Bruins in Tough Spot

Junior hockey in Ayr looks to be in dire peril, as financial constraints put serious pressure on the continued development of young players.


Tech causes tension in the EIHL

The EIHL had to move to clarify the use of technology on the benches and it’s interaction with refereeing decisions…but something smells fishy about the application of said rules and a lack of DoPS action….

Period Two - International Coverage

On This Day

Well….more like “On This Week”, as Dave reveals the devastating fire that rocked Montreal nearly 102 years ago!


The Header (Head-Butt) Goal

Senators player Colin White made the news with a fantastic header goal….but it did’t stand….shame on the NHL! Change the rule NOW!!


All Change in Nashville

After a woeful 2020 Winter Classic, the Predators moved swiftly to shake things up behind the bench, with the firing of Peter Laviolette and the hiring of John Hynes (35 days after the he was fired by New Jersey).


Franchise Jerseys Revealed for 2020 All-Star Weekend

As you can guess, the guys disagreed on how good or bad these are…but also found some common ground, surprisingly!


2021 Winter Classic Heads to the State of Hockey

Meanwhile, a terrible wrong has been righted, as Minnesota finally get their hands on the Winter Classic.

Period Three - General Nockey News

Isles Fan Risks Life for a Laugh

As kisscam fake-outs go, this one from Jersey is a belter!


Hockey Player Pitches at Anna Kendrick

Feeling lonely at Christmas? Why not try Twitter?! We genuinely hope this was his mother!


Russia take the World Junior Champs defeat well….

Well….maybe they didn’t as this video from a KHL TV intermission broadcast shows.


All’s Well in Belfast as Boy Reunited with Finn

Meanwhile, in Belfast – a young fan is reunited with his prized Finn MacCool who was lost at a game.

Star Segment

It’s that time in the show where we want to share a player, a goal or a game that we thought was outstanding this week and you get to vote!


Marty took a well deserved win last time – John is desperate for the win….what’s he got?


Check out this week’s nominations and remember to vote via Twitter!


3 wins

Rickard Palmberg


2 wins

The TSN WJC Camera


0 wins

Elgin Pearce


1 win

DQ’d for non-attendance

The Fans

3 wins

Colin White (Sens) Head-Butt Goal

Thanks Matty


Campbell Porter asks on Facebook – “Pulling the netminder, is it a good and viable option?” The lads discuss.

Mitchell's Corner

ABC’s of Hockey


Worst. Bedtime. Storyteller. Ever.


He’s living it up in the USA for work – so we go another podcast without a lovely tale to send us off.

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