Episode 63 - Take Two

March 20, 2020

Episode 63 – Take Two

The lads return to bring a bit of fun and entertainment during what is a difficult time while observing social distancing advice. In this episode, the guys discuss the impromptu ending to the hockey season across the world as well as an 80-year-old hockey-playing granny, peewee hockey coaches and a surprise twist to the D14 stars winner for the 19/20 season. Plus all the usual news bits and features you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey podcast.

EIHL Comes to Early End

Only one story dominates this early season ending podcast….

This last week saw the UK’s Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) come to an early and abrupt end due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, currently gripping the entire world, with later confirmation that there would be no champion crowned.

Questions have been asked as to whether the league called off the season in good time or not – the lads discuss the ins and outs of the whole situation.

Meanwhile, the league has also announced that plans are afoot for a season opening event that will take the place of the now cancelled Playoff Finals Weekend in Nottingham that will involve all ten EIHL teams – novelly being referred to as the “Magic 5“.

NIHL Season Ends as Players Take Control of Situation

Meanwhile, after one extra weekend of games, the NIHL and all other competitions under the auspices of the EIHA and SHA also saw their seasons wrapped up early after players from a number of teams refused to travel for games, finally leading to a confirmatory decision from the overseeing body days later.

Period One - Local Coverage

Period Two - International Hockey

This Day In Hockey…..

In a somewhat morbidly curious twist of fate, this week’s “Day in Hockey” harkens back 101 years – to the last time a virus had such an impact on the hockey world as the 1919 Spanish Flu epidemic forced an end to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, leading to no champion being crowned….


NHL and other International Leagues Cancelled due to Covid-19

Similar to the impact felt in the UK, and in many cases much faster – the hockey and wider sporting world has felt the pinch as leagues everywhere from the NHL, to the SHL and others such as the Slovak League all come to an abrupt end.

The NHL has since allowed players to return home, so long as they enter into isolation as they plan to continue at the earliest opportunity.

But let’s not forget that the players and us fans aren’t the only ones suffering the effects of the shutdown of the game. All across the world, arena staff are facing the prospect of losing their jobs or at the very least their immediate incomes as events are cancelled, however some good news has come in the shape of teams, owners and even players stepping up to the mark to ensure that these key cogs in the game night experience can carry on in this difficult time.

Period Three - General Nockey News!

Kid’s Coach Shows How Not To Do It

With everything going on, somehow some people still don’t know how to behave….we’re pretty sure this guy (and now former coach) probably also hordes bog-roll….


This Granny Is Harder Than You

But – if the older generation is being looked at as being at the greatest risk at this time, we think we found the hardest ever 80 year-young woman who’s going to beat Coronavirus by dropping the gloves with it after only learning to skate and play hockey at age 79!

Star Competiton

We hope everyone understands that we chose not to run what ended up being the last poll of the season – but almost straight after the recording and releasing the podcast, things around the world started to change very quickly.

Therefore, we look at the end of season stats….and crown the inaugural D14 Star Competition season winner….or, at least we would if the season hadn’t been brought to an early and thus season-voiding end.

We look forward to crowning the first ever season winner after the end of the 2020-21 season – you never know Marty, it could still be you!

He took the decision well, as you can see….


We asked you to send us your funny stories, and Mark delivered – as hockey (and specifically a hockey stick) is clearly helping this CTV presenter to maintain that all important social distance!

The ABC's of Hockey

Our favourite segment FINALLY RETURNS and this time, for a bumper double (and potentially segment ending spoiler filled) edition, as we look at both the letters……




Finally, we want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us, listened to us and taken the time to interact with us and even chat to us at the odd game too.

We really appreciate everything that doing this podcast brings to each one of us. It’s a way for the four of us to get together and unwind from the daily grind, especially in times like we are currently living through.

It is incredible to us that there might be even one person out there who is listening to the ramblings of us four amateur hockey nuts and the most amateur of all amateur ‘media’ people, but when we get comments on social media or people chat to us at games, that is incredibly humbling.

In all honesty – we are four lads with not much else to do (although our partners would say otherwise!) and far too much time on our hands (again, partners may disagree with that), but each and every one of you gives us an excuse to do what we love – chat!


It’s going to be a long, and far longer than usual, off-season. There are many challenges in the professional and personal lives of many of us that are going to take priority, and rightly so. We want you all to know that all of us; Marty, Dave, John and Aaron are always here to chat if anyone ever needs to. Reach out to us on social media and you’ll always find a friendly, banter-filled ear to bend.


Spend the off season looking after yourselves, and others.

Follow the advice of health professionals and agencies wherever you are.

Look in on a friend, family member or neighbour.

Send someone you know a message and ask how they’re getting on.


We’re big fans of this hockey family we have around us, but remember that our communities are far bigger than just us – so let’s show everyone what it feels like to be in our hockey family.


Above all please, #WashYourHands!


Have a Summer!


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