Episode 69 - It's Hilarious

October 08, 2021

Episode 69 – It’s Hilarious

In a bumper episode, the lads are all reunited for the first time this season.
In this edition the guys discuss the opening fixtures of the EIHL, shirt of the back, repeat (repeat) offenders in the NHL, Olympics, a Ukraine race scandal, pride and much more – including a long chat specifically centred on Belfast’s Boomerang Corner and the impact of ticket sales on them. Plus all the usual news bits and features you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey podcast.


We looked at the EIHL League and Challenge Cup tables, and they make for interesting, if perhaps early (too early to draw conclusions) reading.



Period One - Local Coverage

Local news is a little thin this week, but there was some interesting chat around the sale of shirts off the back tickets for away jerseys by both the Steelers and the Devils and what the guys thoughts were on that.

Dundee are in the press again, but this time due to a former player and an assault charge he faces from his time in the city…and amazingly this story manages to be our first dip into Covid this week…

The Devils also hit a milestone this weekend coming as they will celebrate their 35th anniversary.


Finally, John had – er…thoughts on the new digital Season Ticket system in Belfast…

Period One - Penalty Box

That’s right, DOPS is back baby!

The lads discus the 1 game ban handed out to Tristan Frei of the Guildford Flames for boarding.

Check out the DOPS video below

Period Two - International Hockey

Evander Kane, Evander Kane, Evander Kane.
The man just can’t seem to stay off our newsfeeds…this time, he’s (allegedly) forging Coronavirus Vaccine Certificates!? When do the Sharks just cut ties with a bloke who just seems to go from one bad news story to another every week?

In better news, Team GB’s women kick started their Olympic qualification group in Nottingham as we recorded in Group F with a 5-0 shutout win over Iceland LIVE on FreeSports. Theres two more games to go, so why not check out the games live on the TV or in person if you can!?


In a reminder to everyone that struggles and problems can impact on anyone, Montreal Canadiens netminder and all around genuine hockey LAD, Carey Price has voluntarily entered into the NHL / NHLPA Player Assistance Programme – and we wish Carey all the best in his recovery. His wife Angela, among many others across the world sum up the huge step Carey has taken just by seeking help.


The same programme has been opened up to another netminder, Robin Lehner – in the wake of his shattering social media accusations last week against teams and individuals.

Period Three - General Nockey News!

Unless you’ve been trying to avoid it, last weekend you couldn’t miss the fiasco that was the Ukrainian UHL reaction to blatant racist behaviour during a game. Now the clown show continues with the now former GM of the league claiming he was ousted for speaking up about racism in the league…. No matter what, the guys agree that the next voice heard from should be the IIHF with sanctions for the league, and possibly on Ukraine themselves.


Meanwhile, in the ECHL – that ever shining beacon of light of inclusivity and just general “good vibes” – the Kalamazoo Wings will add another flavour of ice to their already bright repertoire by hosting the first ever game of hockey on RAINBOW 🌈 ICE this January! We already can’t wait to see the pictures!


Finally, in a strange twist considering John completed Belfast marathon this last Sunday – it turns out someone with history in the EIHL also completed a marathon in London…but they also snatched themselves a Guinness World Record to boot! Congrats to former lineswoman Liv Anderson for what was a very unexpected giggle on marathon day!


For OT this podcast, we look close to home. In fact we look just over our shoulders to Door 15 and up to Belfast’s heart and soul on game nights, BOOMERANG CORNER!

The folks up top under the screen between doors 15 and 16 are without doubt the lifeblood of every night you’ve been at the SSE Arena and had a cracker night of singing songs and downing pints (or even sorrows) and this season, to match step with the Giants themselves, they’ve gone through a bit of a ‘rebranding’ exercise thanks in no small way to Matty Harvey.

The guys discuss the rebrand for BC (spoiler: we love it!) as well as pumping the tyres of young Matty who has also done some stellar work for the EIHL in their own renewed graphics since Premier Sports came on board. We’re enormous fans of Matt’s work here at D14 – so give his design page a look on Twitter HERE. We’re only saying, but if you wanted to have a crack at some D14 stuff…😉


We also discuss somewhat more seriously the unfortunate situation that unfolded around Boomerang Corner at the first home game of the season – with seats sold there by the team to aid in getting as many bums-on-seats as possible within the Covid Regulations of the day. Things are changing, hopefully for the better now – but has there been a sign of a lack of trust or breach of faith by the team? Honestly, its a tough one! Listen to OT to hear our thoughts.

What did you think? Got something you think we missed? Got an opinion on something we already have? What do you make of our predictions for the season?Let us know, we want to hear it!!

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