Episode 73 - No Snow In Sheffield

December 02, 2021

Episode 73 – No Snow In Sheffield

The lads are back and in this episode, they chat about Scottish Hockey, Snow in Sheffield, Kane watch, big team purchases, Olympics, doggos, and Jerseys. Plus all the usual news bits and features you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey Podcast.

As usual we start by looking at the EIHL League and Challenge Cup so far…

EIHL League as of 01 December 2021


Meanwhile, after what seems like decades…the first round of the Challenge Cup is completed, with Quarter Final matchups based on the final seedings having been set. We look forward to the completion of the 2021/22 Challenge Cup in approximately 2046…

Challenge Cup Quarter Final Matchups



The NHL is starting to take shape across the divisions…

NHL Eastern Division as of December 1st 2021

NHL Western Division as of December 1st 2021

Period One - Local Coverage

Local coverage this week is dominated by the collapse of the Scottish governing body (which also covers Northern Ireland), as the SIH board stepped down earlier this in the week with immediate effect.

This was followed on Wednesday with news that Ice Hockey UK (IHUK) would be stepping in to manage the situation and they unveiled their plan to reinstate a governing body for Scotland and NI.

Penalty Box

A quiet couple of weeks for EIHL’s Department of Player Safety saw only one ban handed down by the time of recording to Coventry Blaze’s Nathaniel Halbert.



Sheffield Steeler Anthony Deluca has been a very naughty boy, and has been suspended indefinitely following a failed anti-doping test result, as announced by the Steelers, with the player soon after confirming his suspension on social media.

Period Two - International Hockey

The Evander Kane updates continue, as this past weekend it was announced that San Jose had placed him on waivers – but with the deadline having passed, he has now been sent down to the minors. Is this the quiet end of Kane?

Meanwhile in Pittsburgh, the deal for the Fenway Sports Group (FSG) to take over as majority owners has gone through, with final approval from the NHL board of directors expected soon.

With the Olympics creeping closer and closer, the seemingly secure position of the Chinese mens team is now back in doubt, this time with concerns around player eligibility hanging over their prospects of competing.

Meanwhile, Minnesota have announced the first player jersey retirement in franchise history will be the number 9 of none other than Mikko Koivu.

Penalty Box

Slew footing is the new black…as yet again we find the NHL’s Department of Player Safety hand out a 3 game ban to Boston Bruin, Brad Marchand.

The bigger story in player safety this week however comes from the game-time coming together of LA King, Brendan Lemieux and Ottawa’s Brady Tkachuk – as whilst the two are on the ice after a tussle, it appears that Lemieux tries his best to take a couple chunks out of Tkachuk for good measure! This has led to not only a five game suspension for Lemieux, but one of Gilbert Gottfried’s greatest performances as he lent his singular voice to Brady Tkachuk’s online statement…

Period Three - General Nockey News!

Someone over at ESPN needs their head checked…because who could possibly RANK all these good boys and girls?! they’re all number one in our eyes!

Canada is gearing up in mid January to make it impossible for  athlete’s who have chosen to remain unvaccinated for Covid-19 to enter the country as their border will be closed to them. With the NHL being 99% vaccinated according to the league, this leaves only a small number of players with concerns.

Meanwhile, back in Olympic preparation-land, a few countries have now released their new duds for the event – with Canada being a highlight for the lads.

Star Competition

Nelson Rego (Edmonton SeeHawks)

Check out why HERE

Ryan Hartman (Minnesota Wild)

Check out why HERE

Jackson Whistle (Belfast Giants)

Check out why HERE

Injured Reserve – No Nomination


In a shock twist, a relative unknown called Aaron asked us “What one game would we love to go back and re-live?”

Naturally, the lads gave multiple answers each and failed to answer the question properly!

What game would you love too re-live again and why? Let us know by tweeting us!

ABC's of Hockey

No Bedtime story this time kids…

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