Episode 88 - Worth Every Penny

October 14, 2022

Episode 88 – Worth Every Penny

With only two, the show goes on as Marty and John chat all things EIHL POFW, Glasgow Clan, NHL Referees, Hockey Canada, and a toy Zamboni. John also plays commentator and keeps us updated on live scores…..
Plus all the usual news bits and features you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey Podcast.

League Tables

There’s been a few more games, so you know what…here’s a wee table for ya!


EIHL Table as of 12/10/2022


Challenge Cup Group Stage Tables as of 12/10/2022

Period One

Sad news as Giants’ Webcast pioneer passes away

As we recorded this week’s podcast, the sad news came that in the early hours Wayne Hardman passed away.


Clan…Oh Dear

The situation embroiling the Glasgow Clan continued into this week’s podcast after breaking during the last.
What followed were two statements from the Clan’s owner. The first to suspend staff, the second to kinda say sorry then  announce the club was up for sale!


Hell Freezes Over, EIHL Apologises!

You heard us, the EIHL apologised…for the farce that was the 2021/22 Playoff Final Weekend AND they announced pricing structures AND EARLY BIRD rates for the 2022/23 POFW.

Penalty Box

Marty decided to forgo the penalty box this week, but you know what – here you go!

Giants’ Angeli, fined for High Sticking

Devils’ Cox, fined and suspended 1 game for Spearing.

Period Two

Hockey Canada Clears House

After months of disquiet and distain surrounding Hockey Canada and various allegations levied against the organisations and now resignations of leagues from the organisation, Hockey Canada’s Executive and Board have all resigned.


New Season Upgrades

A new season of the NHL is upon us and in Nashville, there’s plenty of updates and improvements across the game night experience in the Bridgestone Arena.


Ref makes it weird…

While the NHL season may have started in Prague last week, the league made it’s 2022/23 season debut this week, and the ref made it weird before the puck dropped

Period Three - (Nockey News)

No-one asked….so do we care?

Honestly, this is just so weird and unnecessary…do you wanna know how tall, heavy or old your team is? Fine, check it out here…weirdo.


I Wanna Drive A Zamboni

Admit it, we all wanna get a go behind the wheel of the Zamboni. While most of us will probably never get the chance, your kid can now!

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