Episode 35 -

October 09, 2018

Episode 35 –

The guys return (Minus Dave) and discuss all things Orange, no joke, they discuss all things Sheffield, Flyers and technically Oilers. The guys discuss the goal that might or might not have been, catch up on scary mascots and the look at bizarre facts. Plus all the other bits you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey Podcast.

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Has sacrificing a lamb really helped the Steelers?

Last week saw the departure from the Sheffield Steelers of embattled coach and Director, Paul Thompson. Has it really helped the team to move on though?


Here come the social media police…

After the weekend, and what seem to be some unsavoury online comments, the Coventry Blaze have issued some…guidance on appropriate social media conduct. Useful or condescending?


Giants make waves across the hockey world….again!

This week saw Patty Dwyer nearly score a goal in reverse….literally….but with the ref calling no-goal on the night and the league being as transparent as ever with their interpretation of the rulebook, we may never know if it was the hat-trick goal that never was! (just wait until later in the episode…..we will know!!)

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Hartnel retires after 17 years on the ice

After 17 seasons, and two standout runs with the Flyers and the Predators – where he was drafted in 2000, Scott Hartnell has hung up the skates. Good luck Hart!

Caps show off their sparkle!

The Washington Capitals have unveiled their Championship rings, and wow – we wouldn’t say no to that finger fascinator!


Seattle a dead-cert now?

After some uncertainty of their entry into the NHL, the newest franchise in Seattle looks set to join on-target in the 2020-21 season. Bettman will be ecstatic!

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Rec League player passes away on the ice

A young recreation league player lost his life last week after an incident involving the boards at the benches in British Colombia, Canada. We know the hockey family will rally behind this young man’s family.


OHL player has a ‘flipping’ bad time!

Robert Calisti of the Soo Greyhounds had a bad trip thanks to Ottawa 67’s player Merrick Rippon. Nightmare! But John had something to say about this type of hit…


Mr Hockey, still building bridges

This past week, it was revealed that the city of Detroit will have a new bridge linking it to Canada – and it would be named after the eponymous Mr. Hockey himself, Gordie Howe. We discussed what a Gordie Howe Hat-trick might look like on the bridge!?


Oilers fan shows us all how to hockey!

If you’re going to be like anyone, be like Rob!


Do you love Gritty yet??

He was the inspiration for the title of the last podcast, and he’s proved to be the Marmite of mascots across social media.
He was also ‘unmasked’ on American TV…..horrific….

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As always, we share our thoughts on our teams or players that have been outstanding since our last recording, or a goal that you just have to see to believe!

No particular play brought this player the star from Marty, but an overall and complete performance from Belfast Giant Darcy ‘dangles’ Murphy, was more than enough go nab it for him! Check out the highlights from Saturday for a rough idea of how he played this weekend!

No Dave with us this week, but Aaron took a stab at it for him, and of course it’s gonna be Wild netminder Dubnyk….because of course it would be!

John gives the slot to NIHL netminder Richie Lawson from the Whitley Warriors, because who doesn’t love a goalie goal?!

Aaron went a bit left wing, and decided that his new spare time on public transport having let him catch up on game highlights from North America should mean his star goes to the Leafs win over the Blackhawks….I (John) don’t get it really…..


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All quiet in the NIHL again…..


A few bits and bobs in the EIHL, but nothing of great note worth chatting much about…..


But yet again, the NHL provides some interesting watching from DoPS as Caps’ Tom Wilson has appealed the NHL’s 20 game ban following this hit on Blues’ player Oskar Sundqvist.

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We started Overtime with some messages on Twitter. Thanks for tweeting guys….especially Matty who managed to prove John completely wrong earlier in the episode!

Beth: we all totally agree with this! Baun was the only real choice!


Steve…..yeah we see what they did there…..


Dammit Matty…..thanks for that…..signed: your mate John!


We also had some other interesting stuff for overtime:

There’s some random things you may never have known about hockey…we certainly weren’t clued into the Penguin’s former LIVE mascot!

We’ll leave you with this ‘gold’ from the Vegas Golden Knights getting set for the 2018-19 season’s Hockey Days!

What did you think? Got something you think we missed? Got an opinion on something we already have? What do you make of our predictions for the season?Let us know, we want to hear it!!

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