Episode 34 - Nightmare Material

September 25, 2018

Episode 34 – Nightmare Material

The full gang returns and in this episode they talk all things orange, from the Sheffield Steelers to mascots that belong only in your nightmares. Also what would an episode of D14 hockey be without the all important jersey chat? Plus the usual round up of hockey from the UK and around the globe.

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The Saviour we don’t want, but do we need him?

The Guardian did a piece this week about the EIHL, and well….maybe more about Tony Smith and the Sheffield Steelers. The guys discuss the piece and some of the content.


Thommo In/Out/Shake It All About…

Meanwhile, Paul Thompson isn’t having the most agreeable time with the fans in Sheffield, so what’s going to happen there?


Can’t get far without a goalie!

Dave brings us some interesting stats from the EIHL goalies’ stats, a couple weeks into the season. If you want to check out the EIHL’s stats for yourself, take a look here.

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Seguin signs to stay a Star

Across in the NHL, Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars has signed an extension to his contract for the measly sum of $78.8M (that’s $78,000,000) over the next eight seasons. Good work if you can get it!


Jeager/Jagr Bomb anyone?

The NHL this last week signed a new sponsorship deal to bring German drink Jaegermeister on board as the League’s official shot! shame it’s a couple seasons too late!


Is Preseason telling?

Can you really take anything away from preseason games (Leafs fans everywhere chant “YES!!!”)? When games become blowouts, like the Wild’s 7-0 win over an underpowered Avalanche, does it just become hockey for the sake of hockey?

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Health scare for former Giant

Former Belfast Giant and Cardiff Devil Dave Matsos suffered a bit of a health scare this past weekend, as he collapsed behind the bench whilst coaching his team, the Hamilton Bulldogs. Luckily things are on the up for the former winger and he is apparently up and talking following what seems to have been a suspected cardiac episode. Get well soon Dave from all of us here at D14!


Player has the horn for practice!

Over in Vegas, the Golden Knights continue to impress everyone in one way or another, including this time with player Ryan Reaves providing an eerily accurate rendition of their goal horn during practice!


Sharks float a third

The San Jose Sharks have this week revealed their new 3rd jersey for the coming seaosn, and it wouldn’t be an episode of D14 if we didn’t chat jerseys – and to be honest, this one is a real looker!


Mascot vacuum to finally close for the Flyers?

What seems like months ago, we chatted about how the Philly Flyers have no mascot for their team, and how we felt that was holding them back a bit with fan interaction and press coverage…but now, if reports are to be believed, that could be coming to a close as the Flyers put up an….interesting video on social media!
Well, it cant get any worse than this mascot who had to be taken off the field following this incident….



During the podcast we heard that the Flyers did indeed reveal their new mascot, behold the nightmare material that is…….GRITTY!

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As always, we share our thoughts on our teams or players that have been outstanding since our last recording, or a goal that you just have to see to believe!

Matt Duchene gets the nod from Marty this week as his Star Player, with some dirty dangles we’re more used to seeing from Darcy Murphy in Belfast!

Dave can’t help himself and decides it’s OK to relive the Giant’s defeat at the hands of the Fife Flyers, thanks in no small part to Brett Bulmer’s goal – scored whilst on his belly….

John gives the slot to young Brit Liam Kirk, scoring his first OHL goal with the Peterborough Petes.

Aaron decided to remain undecided at first – but in the end went for this goal from Calgary’s Mikael Backlund

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All quiet in the NIHL…..


And so far this week, it’s also quiet enough in the EIHL….


But over in the NHL, it’s still only preseason, but Max Domi decided to ‘goon’ things up a bit, and threw a sucker punch at Aaron Ekblad, ending up with a preseason suspension, but did this action from the NHL’s DoPS go far enough?

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This time around, Overtime is dedicated to a couple questions from listeners Damien and Ellen-Jane!



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