Episode 37 - 404 Podcast Not Found

November 07, 2018

Episode 37 – 404 Podcast Not Found

The lads are back(for most of the episode) to discuss all things hockey. This episode the guys discuss custom jerseys, professional cup draws, crowdfunding, Uber rides, beating cancer, halloween hockey style and they attempt to chat to Dave about bringing his children up as hockey players. Plus the usual round up of hockey you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey Podcast.

Oh, and speaking of custom jerseys….what about these peaches?! Huge thanks to Kukri Sports, for helping us get these beauts made and for being eternally patient with us!

Period One - Local Coverage

Dynamo’s in Distress

This week saw the launch of a crowdfunding campaign by NIHL team the Invicta Dynamos, to help keep them afloat having stepped up a rung on the British hockey ladder this season. Never nice to hear of a team struggling – good luck guys!


EIHL Challenge Cup Quarter’s set…

During a….less than polished performance on Facebook Live (now remarkably no longer available?!) the EIHL Challenge Cup quarter final stage was set with the Giants, Devils and Panthers picking their opponents from the bottom seeds, and Guildford being left with the scraps. See you soon Stars!

Period Two - International Coverage

Great Idea….You Bet?

The NHL this last week agreed a new sports betting partnership with casino giants MGM…but is it all good news?


Loose Lips sink Senator Ships

Whist sharing an Uber, multiple members of the Ottawa Senators were caught on camera dishing out some fairly serious criticism of their assistant coach…bet that was a fun locker room afterwards! Check it out yourself below!


Former King looks to return from Indefinite Ban

With so much going on in the NHL at the moment with domestic abuse, this is an odd move for former Kings player Slava Voynov to attempt to return to the NHL from the KHL following an indefinite ban handed down to the player from the league in 2014 – we await the League and Mr Bettman’s decision.


Seriously, just go sit down…

Some days it’s just not your day, and for KHL side Jokerit’s defenceman Oliver Lauridsen…this really isn’t his day (yikes)


Devils’ Boyle gets some ironic luck

This weekend was the NHL’s “Hockey Fights Cancer” night, and on Pittsburgh’s night to help the cause, the visiting NJ Devils’ (and D14 Podcast favourite) Brian Boyle scored not once or twice, but netted his first career hat-trick, only a week on from learning that his cancer has gone into full remission!
Stick taps all around from all at D14 Brian!!

Period Three - General Nockey News

Sports, it’s expensive to watch, but what about taking part!?

There have always been some sports that are easier to get into than others, but when you start adding equipment like pads and sticks and need an artificial rink to play, the cost can be hugely prohibitive for anyone, but especially those kids who idolise the players from a young age and dream of going pro. Both Grandstand Central and Time Magazine  have done some great work investigating this issue – worth a read if you have kids who want to play!


Scary Stuff from Players and Fans over Halloween

Everyone loves to dress up at Halloween, but some are just better at it than others….here are a few hockey related ones (players and fans) who went above and beyond!


Even Gritty is getting in on it…..we’re still terrified!

And Carleton the Bear from Toronto even got in on it all with some jump scares!

Marchand, Marchand, Marchand!

Apparently everything has to be all about him during a game (think Marsha from the Brady Bunch here) and he took things a little too far and found himself in deeper and deeper water with the Ref’s during the Bruin’s game with the Predators.

Star Segment

As always, we share our thoughts on our teams or players that have been outstanding since our last recording, or a goal that you just have to see to believe!

Star Goal (sorta)

Star Player – Blair Riley (hat-trick hero captain!)

Penalty Box




Just the one of note in the EIHL this time around….warranted bans?


What did you think? Got something you think we missed? Got an opinion on something we already have? What do you make of our predictions for the season?Let us know, we want to hear it!!

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