Episode 38 - Worse for Wear

November 20, 2018

Episode 38 – Worse for Wear

A very tired bunch of guys talk non stop about the joys of European hockey as they look back at a great weekend of action. Also this episode the lads talk EIHL player eligibility, concussions, fighting, everyday superheroes, accidental self hits, goalie goals and all the usual bits and pieces you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey Podcast.

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McKay Out….No One In…..Yet

Coach Doug McKay has left the MK Lightning, but who’s going to fill that gap long-term?

Giants Progress to IIHF Continental Cup Super Final

The Belfast Giants have progressed to the Super Final of the Continental Cup – and we couldn’t be any happier with that, unless the final happens to be in a certain arena sponsored by a certain energy firm….

Ineligible Players and The Repercussions?

So, turns out the Steelers have a “do anything and get away with it card” from the EIHL Director of Hockey Operations…must be nice!

New Devil in Town

The Devils have moved to fill gaps in their roster with defenceman Drew Scheistel, but is it in the right place? Dave thinks not…

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Concussion Settlement Reached

The NHL reached a settlement with over 300 former players this week who took a case against the league for claims relating to concussions suffered whilst playing in the league, but with similar settlements having been reached in the NFL for a far higher amount, has the NHL been somewhat underwhelming with their actions to this serious issue?

Atlanta Gladiators take great care of Belfast’s own Ethan McLean

10 year old Belfast legend Ethan McLean has been the guest of honour of the Atlanta Gladiators this last weekend, and even got some time in Nashville too with the Predators, spending quality time with players and attending games – even commentating on a ‘Glads game on LIVE TV! Way to go buddy!

DEL players step out, then step off!

Watch two DEL players get a bit too much into things and end up being thrown out of the game.

Hornqvist has his horns clipped

So, helmets during warmups from now on Patric, eh?

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50-50 winner donates winnings to awesome cause

Sometimes awesome people do some awesome things, and then there’s people like this who do epic things.

Stan Lee – the man, the myth…the major influence on hockey?!

We lost a great man this last week. Stan Lee, Marvel mogul meant an awful lot to a lot of people, including us here at Door 14 Hockey, but the man also had an influence on the hockey community with 2011’s NHL Guardian Project….remember that? Yeah….not instant classics or his best work by far, but sure thanks for the memories Stan! Here’s the guardians of the D14 teams’ NHL franchises…

Original Six get an exclusive digital makeover

So, last time around we kinda missed this one – as EA Sport and Adidas got together to create some digital only special jerseys for the ‘Original Six’ as DLC for NHL 19.
We had…thoughts on these….

High school players convicted after on-ice assault

After an on-ice assault last year, two former US high schoolers were convicted of assault, and handed sentences by the court. An example of hockey gone too far, or the law over-stretching, you decide.

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As always, we share our thoughts on our teams or players that have been outstanding since our last recording, or a goal that you just have to see to believe!

More goalie-goals from Marty this time around. We love a good Goalie goal so we do!

Pure and simple this time around from Dave (and no, it’s not anyone connected to the Wild) and this time around it’s Boomerang Corner after one hell of a weekend!

Yann Sauve was back in Belfast with Zagreb this past weekend, and certainly made an impression, both on the fans – but mostly on Katowice forward Michal Ryback

Check it out at the start of the highlights here:

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Just the one of note in the EIHL this time around, but boy was there an awful lot to talk about in this one between the Clan and the Lightning.



You decide – because we couldn’t….are these the same or not??

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We discussed the soon to commence 2018 Friendship Four tournament in Belfast, and as always – the guys pick their team to take the Belpot.

Dave – Union College

John – Boston U

Marty – Yale

Aaron (by default) – UConn

What did you think? Got something you think we missed? Got an opinion on something we already have? What do you make of our predictions for the season?Let us know, we want to hear it!!

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