Episode 42 - Gone To The Dogs

January 29, 2019

Episode 42 – Gone To The Dogs

The Lads return from their adventure from across the Atlantic ocean and are back discussing all things Hockey. In this episode we talk big hits, bites, All-Star weekend, doggos, American food and the Steelers plus all the bits you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey Podcast

Period One - Local Coverage

Mosey KO – Good Hit or Not?

In this weekend’s game between the Cardiff Devils and the Nottingham Panthers, Evan Mosey was knocked out during play, causing lots of online chat as to the legitimacy of the hit.
What do you think?


2020 Winter Classic Announced

Another piece of exciting news that hit the presses in San Jose this weekend was the announcement of the 2020 Winter Classic, which will feature two teams yet to play outdoors – The Dallas Stars and John’s own Nashville Predators, who will meet at Dallas’ Cotton Bowl.

And because of who we are and the fact that we LOVE jerseys, here’s some very early concepts for they’re expected to wear on the big day!

Period Three - General Nockey News

Junior Player suffers Frostbite!

A Minnesotan Junior player suffered frostbite whilst playing in an outdoor game close to the Canadian border in almost -30 degree conditions. Was there a line crossed by coaches and those responsible for the players here?


All-Star women shine, but did the NHL tarnish it a bit?

The aforementioned All Star weekend is just over, and we say a couple of firsts, as women played a far greater role than ever before. Kendall Coyne became the first woman to ever take part in an official event at the showcase as she took part in the speed skating competition, finishing 7th out of 8, and just a second behind Conor McDavid.
Meanwhile, Brianna Decker took to the ice to act as the display for the crowd and TV audience for the passing skill contest, only to beat all the NHL players’ times comfortably. However – the NHL chose not to recognise this, and instead equipment supplier CCM stepped up and handed Decker $25,000 as a gesture. The winning male player, Oilers’ forward Leon Draisaitl also earned $25k, but that payment was an official NHL payment for ‘winning’…

Star Segment

It’s that time in the show where we want to share a player, a goal or a game that we thought was outstanding this week.


Game/Goal/Player: Vegas Golden Knights vs Minnesota Wild


Game/Goal/Player: Yup….. it’s Duby….again!


Player(s): He finally got to see them in person, live, playing hockey…and WIN…so yeah – it’s gonna be the Nashville Predators winning game vs the Vegas Golden Knights.

Catch the highlights HERE.


Game/Goal/Player: It’s pretty much always Gritty, yeah?!

Over Time

We field your questions from Twitter….


Matty Carleton asks about Crosby….yeah we don’t care! Sorry Matty!

Steve Lowry asked about the food we ate in Vegas/the US during our trip…

But our favourite OT submission comes from JO (as usual seemingly!) as we got more HOCKEY DOGGOS, this time from the Toledo Walleye!

Finally, Danny asked us, where do the Steelers go from here?….million $ question right there Danny!

What did you think? Got something you think we missed? Got an opinion on something we already have? What do you make of our predictions for the season?Let us know, we want to hear it!!

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