Episode 43 - Keeping The Boss Happy

February 14, 2019

Episode 43 – Keeping The Boss Happy

In a packed episode this week the lads discuss rowing the Atlantic, debts, fights and more fights, Doggo’s, Irish Hockey, Ducks hockey, knuckle pucks and more. Plus all the usual bits you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey Podcast.

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A bit of a MK-up…

Things aren’t quite all sunshine and light in Milton Keynes, as former coach Doug McKay has lodged formal grievance proceedings with the EIHL against the Lightening owners. We await any real clarity on the issue…


Giants offered and accept CHL spot


Post Buzzer Rumble in Kirkcaldy

Things got heated in Fife this past weekend, as the Manchester Storm’s loss to home side Fife Flyers descended into mayhem as the handshakes turned into a full on brawl.

Do You Even KnucklePuck, Bro?

You heard me…KNUCKLEPUCK!!!!! The Anaheim Ducks have been having lots of fun with some of the original (and yes, some of the not so original sequel) stars of the Disney movie monster hit which spawned their team, the Mighty Ducks, and nothing is more Mighty than the mighty KnucklePuck!

What Happens When Gritty & Captain Picard Drop In for the Super Bowl?!

John did something he said he never would….bring up Gritty….but this time he’s at a Super Bowl party with Captain Picard, so its OK….really, its OK…..

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It’s that time in the show where we want to share a player, a goal or a game that we thought was outstanding this week.






Player(s): The only game he saw last weekend from Scotland was the webcast game on the 8th and Higgs produced THAT OT goal, STAR GOAL or wha’?


Game/Goal/Player: IT’S NOT GRITTY! No surprise though that it is NHL rookie of the month, Philly Flyer; Carter Hart

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EIHL DoPS were too late for this episode, but what about this knock that former Pred James Neil took recently? Spittin’ chicklets or wha??

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We field your questions and look at some other interesting developments:

What did you think? Got something you think we missed? Got an opinion on something we already have? What do you make of our predictions for the season?Let us know, we want to hear it!!

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