Episode 44 - Never Go Full Bench

February 27, 2019

Episode 44 – Never Go Full Bench

This week the lads talk goal line technology, NHL trips, all things NHL trade, thoughts of a 4 year old, castles, streaking mascots, bans galore and they wax lyrical about this past weekends EIHL action. Plus all the usual features and content you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey podcast.

Period One - Local Coverage


After taking the weekend’s second loss, this time in Overtime, over the weekend, the use of a laptop to award the Ginats with the GWG by referees Darnell and Perring led to a complete weekend meltdown on Facebook and Twitter. We discuss. Oh, here’s that goal, if you’re interested (cheers Bownsey)

Devils appreciate the NHL

The Devils look to bounce back from TWO LOSSES TO THE BELFAST GIANTS by having an NHL appreciation night.

Prizes include a trip to New York to see the Rangers play at MSG…so not the NJ Devils then, eh?

Period Two - International Coverage

On This Day

Dave might still be a bit sore about the Wild’s trade deadline dealings…so this time, it’s an up to date “On This Day”…and apparently the Wild have sold themselves down the river. February 25th 2019; a day that will live in infamy in the State of Hockey!


Trade Deadline Dealings

So, not only were the Wild flat-out at the deadline, so were the Predators – and John took issue with some of that too. Meanwhile Aaron’s Flyers and Marty’s Leafs seem to have done not much in the way of preparation for postseason. What do you make of the trades?

To be fair, it couldn’t get more interesting for any of the players though than it did for former Wild and now Predators forward Mikael Granlund when he found out about his trade whilst in hospital with his fiancée while she delivered their first child into the world! Not a date he’ll soon forget!

The Knights sure know how to treat their new arrivals though, as Mark Stone found out on his arrival to Vegas!

Where the hell was Chance when we arrived in January?!

Period Three - General Nockey News

4 Year Old Mason is the Biggest Hockey Star in the Woirld right now!

And with good reason! When is dad decided to mic him up for practice, something special came from it!


Kovalchuck mansion on the market….with HOW MANY BATHROOMS?!

if you have a spare $18,000,000 – you too can pee at any corner of your home as Ilya Kovalchuck puts his 8 bedroom, 14 bathroom (?!) mansion on the market after team move…the guys struggle to get their head abround this one…


Streakin’ Orange

With Aaron away again, John is forced to bring up the nightmare that is GRITTY once more. This time, as well as zip lining into the Flyers Stadium Series game, he went wild and streaked across the field…that’s an image we could’ve done without…thanks for this ongoing ‘gift’ Philly….

also….wtf is with the BLUE BELLYBUTTON!?

Star Segment

It’s that time in the show where we want to share a player, a goal or a game that we thought was outstanding this week.


Game/Goal/Player: DARCY MURPHY

Marty’s on the Dangle Express, and Darcy is taking him for a ride! Hard to argue with his reasoning for awarding no. 15 with the star this time around.


Player: Captain Fantastic Blair Riley

After a quiet start, Dave gives his star to arguably the lynchpin of the Giants squad on the ice these days – Captain Blair Riley.


Player: Tyler ‘Beskomania’ Beskorowany

I mean, It couldn’t BE anyone else – could it?!


Game/Goal/Player: None this time around from Aaron.

Penalty Box


So, things got crazy between the Peterborough Phantoms and the Bracknell Bees this past weekend, leading to multiple suspensions, including a 21 gamer (effectively a full season) for Bees’ player Ryan Watt following this altercation and a later (off camera one) with a fan.



After John had a go at them, DoPS are clearly keeping their heads down (or they’re asleep again) with only one ban from last week’s action so far in the shape of Steeler Jordan Owens with a 3 game, check to the head suspension.



The moment we didn’t expect to some – Conor McDavid was handed a 2 game ban for a questionable hit to the head. His first offence, but quite the salary sacrifice at $134,408.60. Hope the kid survives…

Over Time

We field your questions and look at some other interesting developments:


Only one this time from Mark:

Yup…he’s chilled…but was it bravery, ignorance or a bit of both?!

He needs to take a leaf outta Pierre McGuire’s book and flinch a bit earlier!

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