Episode 75 - In The Years BJ

December 31, 2021

Episode 75 – In The Years BJ

In the last episode of 2021, the guys discuss a familiar topic, COVID 19, and discuss the current restrictions in place in the UK. Also, the lads cover cancelled games in the NHL, learn where the term “Taxi squads” originated, look forward to potentially the coldest Winter Classic on record, cancellation of the WJC, falling in ditches, all-star jerseys, and more. Plus all the usual news bits and features you have come to expect for the Door 14 Hockey Podcast.

As usual we start by looking at the EIHL League and Challenge Cup so far…

EIHL League Standings as of Dec 30 2021

Meanwhile in the NHL continues to take shape across the divisions…

Period One - Local Coverage

This week, we start Period One with the sad news of the passing of Nottingham Panthers former GM Gary Moran. Our condolences go out to Gary’s friends and family at this sad time.



The Elite League is feeling the sting of a resurgent Coronavirus, at the Omicron variant leads to postponements due to teams entering the to-date secretive EIHL Covid Protocol, games played behind closed doors and significant questions needing to be asked of teams making questionable decisions as restrictions also force teams to make some unpopular calls.

Penalty Box

Are Arena teams getting a light touch from DOPS? One game for a check to the head by Devils’ player Stephen Dixon would seem to suggest so…but what do you think?

Period Two - International Hockey

Covid looms large once again in North America, with game postponements reaching in excess of 50 games over the last few weeks; the NHL reneging on its Olympic commitments, much to the chagrin of players; a return to the taxi squads of the 2020-21 season; and Canada’s new restrictions causing the NHL to postpone even more games due to having to play in front of 50% or less capacity arenas…

The IIHF also took a hit this week as the World Junior Championships were called off mid-competition due to mass outbreaks of Coronavirus within national squads. The move to cancel the WJC’s however has led to serious questions as to why this tournament has been seemingly prioritised over others, including the Women’s U18’s Championship which has now been. cancelled for two years running. A statement prior to the suspension of the WJC’s by the IIHF President did little to quell frustrations however…


Meanwhile, another staple of this time of year – the Winter Classic is set to go ahead tomorrow in Minnesota as the Wild will host St. Louis at Target Field…even though temperatures are set to hit a staggering -30 degrees CELSIUS (at least) on game night! Think warm thoughts everyone!

Period Three - General Nockey News!

Ever seen a player go thought the plexiglass or boards after a check? Of course, we all have!
Well, how about two players going through the boards and into the icy cold water trough dumped out of the Zamboni after it’s emptied? Yeah, us neither!

Have we seen an early leak of the All Star jerseys for 2022? We had our thoughts, what about you?

Check out the controversial Russian jerseys Comrade Marty spoke about too!

Another first in the NHL happened this week too, as Bridgette Lacquette became the first indigenous woman to be brought on board as a scout by a franchise, namely the Chicago Blackhawks.

Star Competition

As its that weird time between Christmas and New Year – let’s have a week off eh?

(er, that and so much hockey was either postponed or cancelled that there’s next to nothing to chose from!)


We’re only a short few days past Christmas, and we want to know what awesome hockey related gear Santa brought you! the lads discussed what they got (and then went down a bit of a Lego rabbit hole!) but check out Aaron’s awesome presents from his sister!

ABC's of Hockey

No Bedtime story this time kids…

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