Episode 78 - Two F's and an H

February 11, 2022

Episode 78 – Two F’s and an H

While the boss is away, the boys will play and as Marty misses only his second podcast in the last 78, John takes the reigns and is joined by Aaron and Dave as they discuss the EIHL Challenge Cup semifinal impact on season ticket holders, changes at the bench in Nottingham, Evander Kane (again), Olympic hockey, logo controversy and jersey retirements along with all the usual bits ‘n bobs you expect from the Door 14 Hockey Podcast!

As usual we start by looking at the EIHL…

Meanwhile in the NHL

Period One - Local Coverage

The Challenge Cup was announced previously by the EIHL to be a League Events…but this week past it caused some unhappiness with Giants’ Season Ticket Holders…the lads discuss, and John is careful with his words!

Twixes and KitKats were galore around the EIHL this weekend…yup, seems normal.

Former Dundee Star Lukas Neilson was this week ordered to pay compensation to the victim of an assault he perpetrated in the city whilst playing for the team. His Mum and Dad will pick up the bill apparently…?

Dave Whistle behind the bench for the Panthers. Is he the steadying hand they need?

EIHL announces free and reduced rate AI cameras for junior teams and teams linked to the juniors. These things look pretty cool!

Period Two - International Hockey


He’s in Edmonton…(cue sighs of relief all around D14 Towers!) but it’s not all plain sailing!


The Olympics are on – you know the one we care about with the snow and there ice, and there’s been some odd goings on already in week one and no less so than the goal that wasn’t called but then was after the game! 

Then there was the Canada (not USA as John keeps saying!) vs ROC game that was, then wasn’t then was again – but with masks!

Finally, Tuck Rask announced his retirement from the game with a heartfelt post on the Bruins’ twitter page. Nice to know he fondly remembers his time in Northern Ireland!

Period Three - General Nockey News!

Frolunda couldn’t seem to do right for doing wrong this last week as they tried to update their logo away from one that may have caused offence…right into something that might’ve almost been worse (content in German)!

The olympics continue to give plenty in the first week of competition – but sometimes the stars need reminding what game it is they’re actually playing!

Finally, the lads have their say on the Carruth vs Plexi incident (ok, celly) in Belfast last Saturday after the Devils SO win.

Star Competition

Honourable mention to Lewis Hook for his Hatty in Coventry

There’s just no denying it – a hat trick in 12 minutes in one period (the first) against the Devils will win ya’ a Star straight off! Competition’s off folks – we have a winner.

J.J. Piccinich (we’ll just call you Dave!)


Twitter Question from Mark around Belfast Jersey Retirements and the upcoming retirement of No. 19, Colin Shields’ jersey in Belfast on April 1st.

ABC's of Hockey

No Bedtime story this time kids…

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