Episode 79 - Away Referee

February 25, 2022

Episode 79 – Away Referee

Our host returns and brings back order to proceedings. This week the lads discuss referee conduct and abuse in all periods, upcoming cup finals, the finals of the Olympics, music, and hockey, a number retirement, and Hockey meets Marvel with a twist. Plus all the usual news bits and features you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey podcast.

As usual we start by looking at the EIHL…

Meanwhile in the NHL

Period One - Local Coverage

Less than a week ago, we hadn’t lived the Challenge Cup semi-finals, but the EIHL moved to clarify the rules surrounding the one-off games…then immediately moved to change them again


BUT, it turned out that (so far) those OT rules weren’t needed, as the Belfast Giants held off the Nottingham Panthers to a 2:1 result, whilst the Cardiff Devils made a statement in Sheffield defeating the Steelers 5:0.

This sets up a final in Belfast as the Giants will host the Devils in the SSE Arena as the top seeds in the competition on Wednesday 16th March…and the 17th is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland…AND that Bank Holiday is Paddy’s Day. AND TICKETS ARE A TENNER (plus booking fee) We’re just sayin’ like.


Meanwhile, events in Coventry during a game in which the Blaze match night announcer was handed a game misconduct spilled out onto social media the next day. No-one came out looking too well, and the EIHL took a dim view of it all too. We have thoughts on the matter.

This event led to all UK hockey bodies to stand together in a joint statement in support of their officials and condemning abuse of officials at all levels.

Penalty Box

The NIHL Disciplinary Committee made itself felt this last week too – handing out various multi-year suspensions to both players and coaches after a number of on and off ice incidents.

We’re the first to admit we’re not the authority on the NIHL (amongst lots…and lots of other things!), so we humbly suggest you head over to Banners On The Wall and the 4000 and Counting lads where you’ll get a far better explanation of these events.

Period Two - International Hockey

SO, the Olympics happened – and thanks to less than helpful timings due to the games happening in China, we perhaps didn’t see as much of the games as we would have liked, but the gold medals fell to Canada in the women competition after defeating the USA and to Finland’s men after their triumph over the ROC.

It’s a big weekend of hockey in Tennessee for the Predators as there’s not one, but two huge events taking place over a couple of nights.
Tonight, the Press will raise the first retired number 35 to the rafters for former Finish netidner Pekka Rinne and on Saturday they will host the Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL 2022 Heritage Classic at Nissan Stadium. Check out the timelapse of the stadium set up below:



Meanwhile closer to home in the DEL2, former heel in the side of the Belfast Giants Corey Neilson will be picking up the reigns at the Kessel Huskies.


Nathan McKinnon meanwhile did a thing. A not so clever thing. He slashed a linesman. We’re convinced he did. Are you? Well the NHL aren’t. Are they right or is there a case of double standards being applied for the leagues ‘Big Guns’?

Period Three - General Nockey News!

The stripies are really getting it…even in the juniors where sucker punching refs will get you a lifetime ban. Is there a bigger problem in hockey and with respect for officials specifically? Remember, there’s no game without them.

Finally, there was the sad news that comic book legend George Perez is battling cancer – and the Philly Flyers are doing their part by honouring him during their upcoming Marvel Night, by giving all fans in attendance a reimagined version of one of his most well known comic covers. The mind boggles at what Gritty would do with the Infinity Gauntlet

Star Competition

No Nomination

No Nomination

Pekka Rinne

Jackson Whistle


ABC's of Hockey


This time it’s R for…… REFEREE (ironic)

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