Episode 84 - Construction without the S

August 19, 2022

Episode 84 – Construction without the S

A new season is upon us and the lads return with a new episode. This week we honor a Giants legend, discuss transfers and signing, look ahead to the 2022/23 EIHL season, discuss jerseys and make the all-important yearly predictions.

League Tables

Its a new season – there ain’t no tables yet fools!


All Change across the EIHL

New players, retirements and moves galore across the top tier – keep up with it all here thanks to the EIHL website!


The Way Ahead

You don’t know how the Challenge Cup will work this season? Check it out here.

Wanna know who’s playing who in preseason? Take a gander…here!

When does your team play that crucial double header this season? We gotcha right here.


Return of the Cap

That’s right…the Caps…yes, THOSE Edinburgh Capitals, are back on the scene at Murrayfield…er, that is if their website is working yet…


Giants Secure 2-Way Double

The Giants have added GB depth to their roster with the late addition of a 2-way deal with MK Lightning.


Sheffield, the team of the people

New season, same old Sheffield Steelers. Everyone’s fault but theirs…


Team GB get funding boost

As the Olympic cycle swings towards Milan-Cortina, UK Sport invests big in Ice Hockey.


Premier Sports acquired by new owner

As the new season approaches, EIHL title sponsor Premier Sports has a new owner itself.


Harrison Ford, Cup Champion?

Yeah, we know – weird, right? It’s true though, Harrison Ford technically won a Stanley Cup for the Avs…kinda…


2023 NHL Draft & Awards head to Smashville

Only once before has the NHL’s draft and awards showstoppers been in the same city, now Nashville will be the second to host both in the same year.


10 EIHL Teams, 5 jerseys revealed. Let’s check ’em out:








2022 Season Predictions

The lads have spoken. As always, these predictions are made as if the Giants weren’t taking part – because we all know the clean sweep is on this time…

We’re thrilled to be back for yet another season of hockey and The Door 14 Hockey Podcast, but just because we’ve been doing it for a while now doesn’t mean we’re faultless!

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