Episode 85 - Can You Smell Bacon?

September 02, 2022

Episode 85 – Can You Smell Bacon?

The lads return for another episode and with preseason done for some, they look ahead to the start of the CHL and competitive hockey. Plus the guys chat about the upcoming tv schedule, discuss celebrations with Lord Stanley’s cup and look at the inaugural 3ice league game rules as well as a very special star for this week’s stars segment. Plus all the usual news bits and features you have come to expect from the Door 14 Hockey Podcast.

League Tables

Still no tables, check back next pod!

Period One

Premier Sports Announce EIHL Schedule

The EIHL title sponsors, Premier Sports this week announced their schedule for broadcasting the Elite League through the first three months of the season. Not everyone was happy about it. How did your team fare?


Giants’ CHL adventure TV Broadcast on Free Sports

Meanwhile, the Belfast Giants CHL adventure both at home and away will be broadcast LIVE on Freesports.


Preseason Continues

Although the Giants will step into competitive games this weekend, the remaining teams in the EIHL will continue preseason.


Panthers finally complete their ‘Make-Up’

The Nottingham Panthers have finally repaid their debts to their 2019-20 season ticket holders and identify the final game that will make up the lost games due to the Covid pandemic.


It may be preseason, but no-one told Nottingham’s netminder…clearly…

Period Two

Coyotes will play with a (in) Mullet (Arena)

Everyone at this point knows the nonsense that is the ‘Yotes’ new home arena…but what we didn’t have until then was a name…until now!


Kadri makes history with Lord Stanley

Stanley Cup winning former Avs and current Flames UFA signing took his time with the Cup to do something that’s never been done in history – attend a mosque.


Covid – It’s still here & the NHL knows it

The NHL this week revealed how the League will deal with Coronavirus for the 2022-23 season.

Period Three - (Nockey News)

The future of the game?

The 3Ice League is the new kid on the block, with some wild new rules. Is it the way ahead?


Womens Para Hockey on the rise

Wisconsin is the place to be for the Women’s Para Ice Hockey Challenge, as Canada, the USA, GB and a combined world team come together to raise the profile of sled hockey and put it on the agenda for the 2030 Winter Paralympics.

Door 14 Star ⭐️

There’s Only One Ethan McClean

There’s no competition – and the first D14 Star of 2022 goes to #OneOfOurOwn and Number 14 (retired) for the Belfast Giants: the one and only LEGEND – Ethan McClean!

So good, he’s only playing one game before stepping off the ice, hanging up the skates and starting his career as a premier chirper!

We’re thrilled to be back for yet another season of hockey and The Door 14 Hockey Podcast, but just because we’ve been doing it for a while now doesn’t mean we’re faultless!

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