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November 21, 2017

Marty, Dave and John are back, without Aaron once more who has jetted off to Milan this time to sample some of the local baked goods…


This time around, there’s plenty to chat about, with the EIHL heating up as the mid-point of the season approaches, the NHL starting to get into it’s swing…unless you’re in Arizona… and internationally; Canada and the US have some serious thinking to do in…

November 14, 2017

As my adventure to the spiritual home country of hockey ends with me sat in seat 39G of Air Canada’s flight to London, I find myself at a loose end and able to start to reflect on what has been a trip of a lifetime. I really should mention that this trip wouldn’t have happened if not for my amazing fiancée Catherine either, so now that’s the mushy part…

November 07, 2017

Door 14 Hockey get stuck back in after a lovely trip to Canada…well, at least for John anyway, but you’ll hear about that soon enough!



As always, let’s start with a look at the EIHL and NHL standings as they were as of the recording tonight, starting with the EIHL League, Conference and Challenge Cup standings:


October 30, 2017


So, I’ve been in Canada a little under a week now and I’ve been to my first ever NHL game at the Bell Centre (Centre Bell to the native Québécois Montrealers) and so far the hockey experience here has been very different to that I’ve experienced back home in Belfast.

Firstly, the scale of it is on another…

October 25, 2017

The Door 14 Hockey Podcast returns once more, and this time it’s all gone to the dogs, but we’re going all out and applying some puppy power!

Have a look below at some of the nonsense we chatted this week and have a read of some of the sources too. We couldn’t do much without suckling off their teat!

As always, we start by looking at the standings in both the…

October 10, 2017

We’re, if nothing else, inconsistently consistent….wait, have we used that one before?!

This week, Marty and John are in their usual seats at the mics, but this time Dave is ‘calling it in’ and Arn is….well, absent….but that doesn’t stop us here at Door 14 Hockey!

In a new episode of the Door 14 Hockey podcast, the guys begrudgingly discuss Panthers success in CHL. The gang get political, get outraged by…

October 04, 2017

A few weeks ago, many of you will have read our prediction blogs on all three conferences.


Some of you may also have read the specific section in my (John’s) Erhardt Conference predictions blog concerning the Nottingham Panthers, which I have included for reference (click the photo to read the whole Erhardt prediction blog).


As you will undoubtedly note,…

September 26, 2017

Marty, Dave, John and Aaron are back again, and this time, they’re throwing the rule book out! (Not that we had one to start with you understand…)

After a bumper weekend of thrilling games in the EIHL, the guys chat all about the Giants’ games against the Sheffield Steelers, Paul Thompson’s mini-meltdown. We also look at some NHL arena stories, youth development in Canada, fan-made uniforms, and Aaron gives us…

September 12, 2017

The first regular season Door 14 Hockey podcast for 2017-18 is here and we’re coming in loud and clear!

Here’s a taste of what we talk about on this episode. Click the pictures to read more on the source websites.

We chat at length about the ‘newbies’ to the EIHL, the Guildford Flames and the Milton Keynes Lightning (why not see how we thought they’d do in our

September 01, 2017

So we’ve seen the Gardiner Conference reviewer by Marty. This time around John turns the attention to the Erhardt Conference, or as many are calling it; the Arena Teams.

The Belfast Giants, the Cardiff Devils, the Nottingham Panthers and the Sheffield Steelers will duke it out for conference silverware and perhaps even the league trophy itself, the Monteith Bowl. The four teams look to each other as the main competitors for…